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Author Topic: A heads up about a thief who just popped up in the South West  (Read 1356 times)

Offline Spunky34


Just a quick heads up to warn SW punters - this skank robbed me last weekend, was showing as Reading based then, now her location has switched to Bath.  Link below to my review which explains what happened.  Don't take the chance:


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Sorry to hear you got robbed mate.  Thanks for letting us all know.  Has not happened to me yet in 15 years of punting but there is always a first time.

Offline PaintBrush

Cheers S 34

Sorry to read about your experience - Bitch

Offline Spunky34

Location now switched to London

Offline HawkG

She's ridiculously expensive, has no feedback, and shows very little in her pictures. Did no alarm bells ring at all?

Offline pork sword

Sorry to hear of your experience OP. Thanks for the heads up. Her AW profile is showing on holiday now...   :dash:

Offline Roth

Her cuntish Sergei is obviously reading UKP and messing about with her profile.  :dash: :bomb:

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