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Author Topic: Big boob thai Edinburgh ( orwell place)  (Read 1180 times)

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Offline embrame



Also Seen advert on Adult work but can't find it now ?

Booked today after much farthing about....

i Wanted 930 as was in area and had 3 hours to spare.
Went along and got told wasn't ready so i went for a coffee and browse round the area , then again went round and told not ready yet... this was 1030

So when i was heading off i was text asking to come along , this was now 1115am

Dark little ground floor flat orwell place

Not sure if same girl in pictures but did have big boobs although a bit saggy and she had stretch marks she tried to cover as she wouldn't take top off completly.
Large Square head, i thought, and pondered if a post op lol
Shower was tiny and a bit grubby, controls either boiling or cold.
Usual thai nonsense of leaving room to do things then taking texts and waffling in an angry manner on the phone to someone lol, why the fuck do they always do this ?

Music, i was expecting some soft relaxing tunes but was when i looked korean songs so maybe she was korean and she kept pissing about with the tunes for some reason.

Once massage started id actually hoped she would do some proper thai massage but she was clueless.

Apparently arrived yesterday and in a rush to sort flat out, but to me all she needed was to clean shower, have a nice crisp fluffy laundry fresh towel on the bed and all items like oil ready to be used.. but this is all a big effort it seems ...

She was quick onto the cock and doing this ohhh ahhh, elephant cock ,yah yah...  nonsense (dunno why they do that acting shit, its annoying at times lol)

Anyway, reluctant to be touched (maybe) post area and sucked breasts for a few seconds ,she wasn't keen on and just wanted me to cum.

Id booked 45 mins and asked for the final  15 mins  to be a massage and she was fine with this, although i may as well have left as she wasn't any good at it.

Wasted money again plus a garage bill not long after ... ho hum..

Offline kev34

Was it same girl in verification photo

Offline embrame

No , picture on ads is of a slim girl with a firm looking shapely torso and large breasts. The girl i seen wasn't fat but wasn't slim and thicker in the middle plus breasts sagging, i think she might've been in here 30s.
Head was huge as well.

Getting fed up with these scammers lol should know better really...

Offline kev34

Just her aw pic isn't great   :thumbsdown:

Offline bigmike32

Just read your review and imo she looks like she used to be a man. I recognise the street name ive seen a girl there before. It was a neutral but cheaper than she is charging.

Offline embrame

Here is the AW profile i couldn't find

False pictures unless taken a long long time ago and heads grown square.

https://www.adultwork.com/3157348 or https://www.adultwork.com/THAI+BIG+BOOB

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