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Author Topic: Carmen noir Beverley  (Read 583 times)

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Online hullad

 https://www.adultwork.com/3383564 or https://www.adultwork.com/CarmenNoir

I was just having a look through AW and spotted Carmen and a tad younger then my taste, I decided I needed a meet up and I liked what I saw and what I read.

I contacted by AW email and she sent me her phone number and we confirmed the booking on AW. I booked a thirty minute incall @ £60 and it proved to be one of my better decisions.

I was amazed to find Carmen was living in my home town of Beverley and not only that but in my own Beckside area I grew up in. Finding her home is very easy with lots of of street free parking, but care is needed as resident parking only is in force in certain areas. I chose to park well away as I was driving my distinctive old car and had no wish of it being spotted close to her address when my family are living in the area. I had coupled up a family visit and the punt as its the perfect way to get away from home.

I duly arrived close to her house and rang for the exact house number all descrete , a knock on a door and...

Carmen opens the door dressed in a short dressing gown and invites me in, she us as described a very attractive lady and the age is spot on. The house is modern, very clean, tastefully decorated and with a couple of kittens running around, No pet smells. We go upstairs and I give her my part of the transaction and she puts it on the dressing table.

I undress and join her on the bed as she removes her dressing gown,to reveal a superb young body and I am soon releasing the breasts from the capitivity of the matching lingere set she is wearing. Nice pert boobs with matching pert nipples which responded to my attention. Moving swifty on or should that be down to a very nice shaved pussy already damp and was soon dripping, she soon came on my tongue. Carmen was soon gripping my manhood hard and had one of the nicest techniques with it I have ever had, moving through hard to soft grip, fast , slow strokes using her long soft skinned legs across my balls. I was gagging for it by now, straight into the podging at my request as the skin went on, she climbed on and rode me hard, into missionary with her long legs wrapped around me in a vice like grip. I got her bent over and doggy went well and my urge was too much and I had a great orgasm and I kept it there for sime time. With a few minutes remaining we had a chat and she is a nice chatter to a girl not yet hardened by her chosen profession. She had suprised me alongvthe way with a few tricks of her own, her GFE was spot on, kissing was deep and a pleasure, I felt Carmen put loads of effort in and seemed to enjoy my efforts on her delightful body . She has a small scar on her belly as she had some emergency treatment a while ago, the surgeon had done a good job, you can barely see it. Her skin was like silk, my memory of girls that young is a few years ago and at no point did I feel ill at ease with the age difference. Never felt rushed and we ran over a few minutes as it was.

  I shall see her again as I had enjoyed my time with her and I look forward to exploring and her services, a 69 is defo on the menu next time.

 I need a lot more time to enjoy this lady to the full.
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2 review(s) found for CarmenNoir linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review fella.  :drinks:

I spotted this lass a while back and must admit I thought she was TGTBT.

Onto the HL she goes.  :thumbsup:

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