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Author Topic: tattooed.sophie near Queensway tube  (Read 2319 times)

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£130 for an hour

Comms: very good, AW emails answered promptly, spoke to her on the phone and sent a few texts back and forth before the punt

Location: easy to find hotel near Queensway. I know some of you worry about hotel punts, no bother entering and leaving just look like you know where you're going and go there purposefully.

tattooed.sophie: thanks to the people here that have seen and reviewed Sophie. I was taken with her description and the tattoos. She's certainly slim and petite (5ft 2, size 8) and has an attractive face to me (subjective, I know). Tits are small, both nipples pierced, wonderful arse. She has a good attitude and she's fun to be with.

Punt: I arrived and took a shower. Because she's quite open and chatty we talked for a couple of minutes before she told me to grab her. We were into the action and she delivered a fantastic and long BJ with me on the edge of the bed, she has a great technique and isn't shy about getting stuck in. I was getting pretty close to cumming so I switched it around for some RO. This was the slightly disappointing aspect of the punt, she said she was super sensitive which always rings alarm bells with me. She didn't do that thing where girls try to restrict your access but it wasn't full on RO since she kept having to move just as I was getting going. I was the last punter of the day so perhaps she had just been fucked too much during the day? We fucked in a few positions, she's flexible too and doesn't mind you moving her legs around and she took a good hammering, I thought she was going to cum when we were fucking - either that or she's a good actress ;) Afterwards we lay on the bed all sweaty whilst I recovered. Had a bit of a chat again before I headed to the shower.

Would I visit again: although my review is positive I probably wouldn't visit again. Plenty of other girls on my growing hotlist thanks to UKP

19 review(s) found for tatooed.sophie linked to in above post (19 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I like tattooed girls and she looks my type but bit short.

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review.

Very useful point to know about her sensitivity to RO when overworked.

You're paying £130, not £70, and not what you expect paying that price. She clearly packed a lot of punters into one day and, as you say, you were the last.

One obviously has to catch her earlier in the day if you are fussed about RO.

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Offline 3xtdmc

Any ideas where she is now, disabled AW profile...

I fancied seeing her next week!

Offline PLeisure

Any ideas where she is now, disabled AW profile...

I fancied seeing her next week!
She tends to take her profile down whilst travelling between locations - it'll be back up soon  :hi:

Offline maxjabby

Profile still down. Shame as she sounds super hot

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