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Author Topic: London backpage reliability?  (Read 1217 times)

Offline PD1979

Hi guys,

newly arrived in London. I've used backpage in different countries: sometimes fairly reliable, sometimes not so much.

How's London? Any chance at all that the pics in a link like below are genuine?

Cheers, Peter


Offline PD1979

Right.. point taken, I think..


Online Anadin

The way I see it unless the person is Celebrity then their pictures won't be copy written by a  website or any other company and even if they were a celebrity they should have selfies posted too as it's the only real way to tell that somebody is likely to be available.
Even then lots of ladies have pics stolen from Instagram so it's a minefield  and there's no real guaranteed way of telling. If they can't  take a minute to post a selfie that at least looks like it was taken in London then I would personally would just give them a miss especially now when they can easily use webcams and post videos.

Offline Qwerty69

I used backpage once.... Never again... Worst experience ever... Bait and switch it was. Seeing it was my first time doing anything like this, they saw me coming!!

Mind you different people have different experiences. I now just read this forum for information.
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