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Amber has been top of my Hot List since she arrived on the scene a couple of months ago. I couldn't believe my luck when HOD's Twitter feed announced that she would be acting as a late replacement as a cover shift today, last night. I'd tried to book her for Friday next week earlier in the day, but was informed when I called that she was fully booked already - it's been like trying to get a booking with Zizzi! (www.invasianescorts.co.uk)

The Punting Gods were clearly being kind to me after all. I'd promised myself a punt this weekend and attempts had been thwarted all day. Lola Sexy Babe (www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3322675) had been late getting into work due to problems on the Northern Line, Ashley Gold (www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2904847) has moved to an area that's an arse for me to get to, and my attempt to TOFTT with Hot Tania (www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3692148) was thwarted when she didn't reply to messages.

Communication: On seeing the tweet I wanted to book immediately, but guessed that there may be a stumbling block as HOD2 doesn't open on Saturdays. I tried the mobile number anyway, but wasn't surprised I didn't get an answer. I tried HOD1 in case they were taking bookings, but was politely informed that all I could do was call HOD2 at 10am when phonelines open. On Sunday morning I got up and went to the gym, but made sure that I finished my session in good time to call at 09.55 as I was keen to secure the first session. BINGO! The phone was answered politely and efficiently and I was booked in and on my way to Victoria.

Location: Basement Flat  5/10 minute walk from Victoria Station. I recommend you leave by the exit closest to the Passport Office to save walking around the block, although that's no big deal. The area is quiet and residential and the advantage of the basement flat position is that the door is not over-looked whilst you are waiting for an answer, although in fairness the maid was prompt in answering. The flat was smartly decorated and I was shown to a well furnished room with a double bed laden with cushions. I popped to the bathroom next door and when I returned Amber lay waiting for me.  :thumbsup:

Amber: Amber is as her pictures suggest. Aged 19, with a cute girl next door face - young looking with innocent brown eyes. Her face was rounder than I expected, but that's what happens when you try to guess. She is 5ft 7 (approx) and her long hair is auburn, although not as red as expected. She looked good enough to eat and I was glad she was wearing sexy black lingerie as she would have looked too innocent in school uniform. When I entered the room she got up to greet me and welcomed me with a kiss on the lips and a girly 'Hello'.

The Service: Amber started off kissing me and helping me undress whilst allowing me to explore her body with my hands, particularly her very gropeable ass. She just kept kissing - it was hard to imagine that this was an escort, as we lay on the bed. I pulled her on top of me and thought 'Bugger - Why did I not book longer?'.

Amber moved down my body and began owo, needing no encouragement to use mouth only. She asked whether I'd like my balls sucked and played with as apparently some people say 'No' - I had no hesitation in saying 'Yes' and certainly had no regrets in doing so. I requested we move to the end of the bed so that I could enjoy this site in the mirror and Amber was happy to oblige, suggesting that I could cum in her mouth. What an angel! At my request we changed position with Amber kneeling on the floor and me controlling the speed by gently holding her head. Good eye contact was received, particularly when I complimented and encouraged Amber. The more nice things I said to her, the more she did for me. Kissing became DFK and Amber became more submissive and relaxed.

I could have carried on with owo all day, but couldn't prolong this position if I wanted to explore this young beauty more and her subservience to my polite requests were making this a punt to remember. I asked Amber to stand with her back to whilst I sat on the bed in front of the mirror, then bent her over and finger her, tasting her sweetness as we went. Wow!

Amber was wet so I positioned her on her back, legs spread and dined a little further, enjoying her responses to my tongue and finger action. However the clock was against me now, so it was time to enter and boy it felt good. Her legs gripped me tight and I pumped away, enjoying seeing a 19 year old writhe beneath me, whilst starting to glow a little red in the heat of the action. I requested doggy, which I did for a very short time, but I noticed the clock and didn't want to miss out on CIM so I advised that we needed to head back to the mirror. "Of course" she answered - what a babe. Why aren't they all like this?

On the way to the mirror I cheekily checked that facial completion was not available, but Amber politely declined explaining it takes too long to do her make-up and hair. A nice way of saying 'No',before she returned to hands free owo.

Appreciating this was quite gentle and time was getting on I encouraged Amber to wank me into her mouth which she duly did, possibly swallowing the first spurt as I am quite a heavy shooter. The rest was discretely passed into a tissue and deposited as I was passed a wetwipe to clean up.

As Amber had been so sweet I couldn't resist laying on the bed and requesting a quick kiss and cuddle before I left, although as with the rest of the session this sped by as we both realised it was time to get ready for the rest of our days. Whilst dressing we discussed Amber's life and I was pleased to hear she will be looking for a regular day in London. She sweetly suggested that I see her again, which is a nice touch - even though it's clearly a transactional arrangement.

Return: Yes. I think Amber responded well to my requests and offers good VFM for an English girl with a reasonable range of services. CIM and fingering is a real bonus. There are girls who come across as being 'dirty' which Amber doesn't, but when I'm in the mood for a nice young girl she'll be perfect.

Price: £70 for 30 minutes.

HOD have recruited some real gems recently looking at the gallery. Keep up the good work!

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