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Author Topic: Gemma ES Aberdeen  (Read 313 times)

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Gemma ES Aberdeen - https://www.escort-scotland.com/escorts/gemma3-french-female-escort.html

Doesn't feel right giving Gemma a negtive review but that has what it has came to.

Seen Gemma numerous times over a few year, she was my go to WG so this is not based on a 1 off experience.  I see another review on her and my experince is exactly the same.

Last time I seen her she was located not far from Aberdeen University.

She was a good punt but she has let herself go.  Last time I paid her a vist was the straw that broke the camel back.  I would say she does try and put on a good service but the basics are lost.  Last punt she answered the door in a dressing gown, I get the impression she never put in any effort into her appearance, as  I'm aout t describe.  Took off her gown and she was wearing nothing but a pair of knickers with rips round the elastic.  On to a bed absolutely covered in dog hair.  She doesn't do FK or OWO but I knew that from over the years when I started fucking her mish she had hairy legs, it was a pretty horrible feeling. On to doggy and she kept rotating her hips and I kept slipping out, not sure it was on purpose but it doesn't help trying to get into a rhythm.

The second last punt I had with her the effort into her appearance was the same and I put it down to a one off but it was worse the very last time, plus the bed caked on dog hair.

A little birdie has told me she is Romanian and not, French, Ititalian, Danish that she has said in the past.

Plus the photos she used are borrowed from someone else.  I actually saw the face in the cropped photo and got a huge surprise.

It doesn't feel right give her negative but she has let herself go.

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