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Author Topic: Thai-sexynicky4you Glasgow  (Read 1261 times)

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Offline Glesgaboy


Woke up with the horn and in the mood for Chinese or Thai!
Glasgow used to have loads of these petite hotties but now the py are few and far between!

 A search on AW led me to this one and when I called I liked her giggles said I'd be there in 15. Deal done.

Not cheap nor expensive at £70 hh
But delivered what was offered.
Accurately size 6/8'and hot

So far so good
Offered shower and drink
Decent flat in Cathcart despite a g1 postcode on aw

Nice personality and vg English

Btb massage was great and then onto ow and reverse oral.
Then some v enthusiastic cowgirl for a good 15 mins before I exploded and she gave some pretty genuine noises verging on a come (but probably not quite there even tho v convincing).

I'll definitely return..
She is in glasgow for another 10 days.

Wish there were more Thais in town. I think they are second to none in knowing the tricks in pleasing a guy.

1 review(s) found for Lovely-Tamy96 XXX linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Clattypats

She looks quite tidy for her age..70 hh...no fk,Ow and no Cim, won't be me seeing her I'm afraid.

Offline Glesgaboy

Limited menu.
But what she does she does v well.
I'd forgotten her age was stated as 35!
And would honestly have put her nearer 25 for body and 28 facially. In real good nic!!

Offline ickydicky

the menu sounds extremely limited. to vanilla for me. but then ive been punting for a long time. a very very very long time
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Offline Glesgaboy

I got my 25 years service award recently.  :dance:
Still enjoy the simple things done well.
But yeh like u I prefer the full menu especially owo and dfk.

Offline ickydicky

thot you wud be a bb man auldie
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Offline ickydicky

knew you were a military man.  :hi:
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