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Author Topic: The Phoenix Club - 5 August: 7-9pm  (Read 865 times)

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Offline jeezyuk

My second time at the Phoenix Club. I saw a stellar lineup and decided to party!

This review is adapted from my first TPC review .. as much of the standard details remain the same.

Link: http://thephoenixclub.london

Hand job
Penetration (Protected)
CIM (Won't say with who! ... Just for me. It will not be reviewed either!)

Price: £160 for 2 hours

Comm's: Via phone call, with address texted afterwards.

Location: A modern house near Paddington Station. Very clean and customised for purpose.
Large beds and air-conditoning where the action takes place. A swing is also present.
Shower and towels provided as well as a safe place for valuables.
Deodorant is applied by the girls, after showering.

Would I visit again: YES ! .. I want to try all TPC girls first and then select which parties I attend in the future.

Pictures: Website doesn't really show much but the girls I partied with, are hot in real life.

The girls: Louisa, Kasia, Ivana, Vera 

... Roberta and Chantel pulled out on the day. I was interested in Chantel so  :( she wasn't there but damn I had a good time.

The crowd: 4:4 ratio to begin with but then one gent came late so ... 5:4 ratio. 3 gents in the 40-60 age range and two (including me) in the 25-35 age bracket.

Brief info about the meet:

Phoned in the morning and Emily answered and booked me in. Emily and Em seem to be handling the calls and organisation most days. I get on well with Emily so we chatted on the phone and later at the party where she was taking care of the food, drinks and all the formalities.

At the flat, I was let in by Em and ushered towards the showers by Emily. My valuables were put into an envelope and stashed prior to my having a shower. After showering, I was given a bath robe but had to hide my boner as Emily's cheeky comments started to turn me on .. she is such a tease! I tried to get her to come and play ... and she was tempted but she had other things to attend to. :(

I was a bit early and the other girls were already relaxing in the kitchen/lounge so Emily introduced me to them and started some banter while the other punters made their way in. TPC's got a new HUGE flatscreen TV, so Vera put on some music videos and we had a drink or two while getting to know each other.

If you want to know about the girls, refer to: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=103798.0

I would say Tejano's physical descriptions of the girls are accurate. His sexual performance descriptions, are accurate for all except Ivana. Tejano's review inspired me to visit this lineup in fact. However, I will discuss Ivana later on in my review as I feel that review doesn't do her justice. Ivana is something out of this world!

When the party began, we all went upstairs and disrobed. Vera and I had hit it off earlier, as she loved the fact that I spoke some Russian and shared a lot in common with her. She was the first to play with me as a result.

Vera lay sideways on the bed and demanded my cock. She sucked my hard cock so well with great tongue action and aggression. All the while, I fingered her and got her very wet! She doesn't normally let fingering occur I am told. We went into 69 and I got her to cum in my mouth. Her clit was so hard while I was sucking her off, and those pussy lips are large and divine. I was hard to begin with, so she put on the condom when I requested and I started to fuck her in missionary. Vera and I were the only ones on that bed and we were in sync. I fucked her aggressively, with DFK, some light choking, restraining her legs and forcing her into a weird contortion against the wall. We both came! I was very sweaty after haha.

It should be noted that all these girls are aggressive fucks, so I had to have several showers during the punt. This was my personal choice between erections, as I love to be clean for the girls. They love this as well.

Next up, was Ivana and Louisa. All the gents were resting except for one fucking Kasia... so lucky me got a FFM 3 some from Ivana and Louisa. Both girls lay me on the bed and sucked me off with great eye contact. In between the cock sucking, there were alternate sessions of DFK until I asked Louisa to sit on my face. Louisa's pussy tasted great. So fresh and with sexy lips. I sucked her off and got her fucking my mouth while Ivana sucked me off and wanked me. Eventually, I wanted to fuck Ivana as I loved her eye contact. I asked Louisa to excuse us and she went off to play with another. Ivana put the condom on with her mouth and then we started to fuck in missionary. Ivana is a sexy girl. Her manicure and pedicure were on point and she had the perfect high heels on. Her tits and ass are medium sized and firm and she has very smooth, soft skin. Ivana gives the perfect eye contact and loved me pulling her hair. We fucked in missionary and cowgirl. My cock seemed a bit too large for her at the start and I had to manage our sex with slow, short thrusts into deep, fast bursts, but eventually she was able to take it aggressively like a champ! She came in missionary and I came soon after. When we were finished, Ivana was drained. She was ready to head home after cumming that hard. I was quite proud and the other girls applauded the fact that I had satisfied her so completely. Kasia and Louisa were cheering like high school cheerleaders on the side lol. Nevertheless, she cleaned up and came back to assist other punters!

Another shower, some food and a break and it was time to fuck Vera in the swing. The others were busy so I put her in the office and fucked her to completion in the swing.

Shower and back in the game. Wanked myself hard and went straight for Kasia. Kasia sucks cock so demandingly. She wants to drain every drop of cum from you. I almost came under her BJ but called for the rubber and fucked her before the gun fired. DFK, Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary followed next. We were rocking the bed. Kasia likes to be dominated and she is very dominant herself, so I had to use every ounce of strength, to restrain her, choker her, pull her hair, pin her legs down and still thrust my cock. It was like a sexual wrestling match. I came after about 10 minutes of this. My body couldn't continue to hold her down. She was angry because she was close to cumming and she didn't want to forgive me for finishing first.

Shower again and back for Louisa. Louisa had told me to save energy for her. I wasn't sure I had much left, but I was in there to find out. OWO to warm up. Then doggy, reverse cowgirl in the chair and regular cowgirl for about 15 minutes. Louisa had cum once by this point but she was angry I hadn't. She was also very horny for me and telling me the filthiest things in my ear when she could reach it. She said it takes a lot to fuck a Brazilian but also that she was even more difficult as she is part German. Into missionary we went and I had to fuck her in the same fashion as Kasia. Pin her down, DFK and thrust for my life. I came after about 10 more minutes of this and we lay dripping in cum and sweat on the bed.

This time, the shower was definitely warranted as we were both filthy! Previously it was optional haha. Back upstairs and I wanted Ivana again. She was so sexy in those heels and I had been looking at her while fucking Louisa. I needed to get inside her again. I went over and lay next to her. She was beside Vera who was sucking off another punter. We cuddled and talked a bit until she started to come on to me. We made out for a very long while, with a lot of foreplay mixed into it. She wanted me and I wanted her. I think she wanted to cum again in a similar fashion to that at the beginning of the party. OWO and on with a rubber. Into missionary again but this time I wanted to satisfy her so she could leave happy for real. Slow deep thrust followed until she started to fuck me hard and then I got aggressive. She came hard and long and I fucked through it. I think she even came a second time by the time I actually came. But when I was done, she was done for the day. We only had 5 minutes remaining anyway!

I went down to the showers and left the others finishing up. Em and I chatted and I played with their super cool dog for a bit. Had a shower and out the door I went.

I would say that TPC offers a very high quality service but if you connect with the girls, you will have an out of world experience. I've seemed to build up good rapport with each girl and thus it enhances the experience when they play with me.

Also a few thoughts:  each girl will respond differently to each person. So don't be phased if they don't fuck you the way you expect. They are human too. They have to like you to give you 100%. If you are unhygienic etc.. what can you expect? I again implore punters to look after their health, bodies and shave! Also brush your teeth. If you arrive in tip top shape, you'll have a better experience. Two parties now for me.. and too many guys poorly groomed or with stinky breath (you can smell it on them)!

I hope everyone continues to enjoy the great parties TPC provides!

Offline jeezyuk

Also, 6 Pops in the session, with one unreviewed ... so 7 !  :hi: Damn I had a good time!  :dance: :yahoo: :cool: :rolleyes: :)

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