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Author Topic: Germany - AdultWork and UKP Equivalents  (Read 1713 times)

So I have an extended trip to DE in the pipeline - whore Mecca  :yahoo:

I've familiarised myself with http://www.ladies.de/home and the associated review site http://www.ladies-forum.de/. The latter does not seem as active as our UKP, but has some recent reviews for my destination which I can follow in my pigeon German.

So, a question to the more experienced hurenficker, are these the best search and review sites in Germany?

Offline jonn

I am no expert but if your are in the area I found rheinforum.com for dusseldorf, koln, bonn etc quite useful - although the translation can be amusing 
I also found chinesische-massage.eu ok if you like this type of thing   ;)

Offline jikthesik

ladies.de is ok but you should used kaufmich.com, it's the only thing they have close to AW in Germany.

if you can read german then use this forum


it's really reliable.

if you're in berlin then i can give you more advice if you want...

Thanks Jonn, but not in this area. jikthesik - Just the heads-up I needed. Thanks  :thumbsup:

Offline Fasting

kaufmich is the best AW equivalent in my opinion.

There isn't one popular forum like in the UK, it seems to be location dependent.

you can google the kaufmich/whatever-username or mobile-number to find the relevant forums.

google translate works pretty well if you don't speak german

Offline ogle

Can anyone recommend anywhere to find pregnant WGs in Germany?

It's a fairly easy search to find these types of specialties on AW, I'm hoping there's a German equivalent.


Besides ladies.de and their forum there's also 6profis.de and their associated review site freiercafe.org. Well, they call it an "independent" forum, but there's a link to 6profis.de on top of each subcategory. Still, a decent amount of information, especially on FKK's, although they don't cover the Ruhr area well. (but see http://www.6relax.de/ for that area)

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