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Author Topic: Lola Bristol sexy milf  (Read 947 times)

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Met up with Lola yesterday for 30mins quick stop on route out.

Took roths advise from his now famous list.

very easy convo and arrangements texted and called.

Location is easy to find in cabots circus. Very discreet.

Lola is very beautiful if you like a milf. She has a very pretty face and a great body. Her boobs are amazing (enhanced) but perfect in my eyes.

We arranged a meet and a role play where we played the role of her beating a friends wife. She really likes a role play and got very much into character.

She sat me down and we chatted about each other and she was soon stripped off and on her knees teasing me with her tongue. She has good skills and was sucking me slowly to get me as hard as possible. She encouraged me to play with her boobs while she was sucking and licking.

I suggested we get into the bed where I could explore some more. Now it was my turn to lick and suck and Lola was very responsive which made it all the more pleasant. I was ready to fuck now so on with the rubber and she feels really good she was moaning and getting into it. Probably all fake but who cares.

I would highly recommend and will be returning. That's one more ticked off my list.

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8 review(s) found for Busty.lola linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline hottext72

Thanks for the review. Can you confirm if she has any piercings ? Tongue/ clit ?  :hi:

Good review.  Lola is on my list to see as well, so must get around to seeing her. :thumbsup:

Offline Roth

Nice one. She's a fucking divs MILF. :rose: :rose:

Clit piercing from memory. :rose: Can't remember if her tongue is pierced. :unknown:

She has two clit piercings, and she LOVES attention being given to them - great because that's definitely my thing.

I have seen her three or four times and once with her partner Sophie. She is agreeably plump, not that firm but perfectly acceptable, not saggy, arse-wise. She is very thoughtful and since I spent a fair amount of time pleasing her tried sticking all sorts of things up my arse to see if I liked it. (Nice but not crazy about it)

Sophie is also a fun girl though for me the duo a bit of a disappintment, nevertheless they really are welcoming, friendly, chirpy  even loveable  company - but they didn't actually do anything at all with each other. Maybe it was my fault for not suggesting scenarios: it was my first and so far only mff experience. They only work about 3 days a week.

I apologise for not giving a full review - it was a year ago, and because I'm bloody old and can't be doing with condoms my frolics are rather dull compared with those of some of the sexual athletes here. Looking back after trying 20 odd girls in the last 16 months she was one of the best. I would definitely go back to her - and maybe try the duo again - except I've been heavily involved elsewhere since I last saw her about 8 months ago.

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