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Author Topic: Vicky at Grand Massage 1hr b2b  (Read 1301 times)

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Offline bungry


Saw Vicky today for 1 hour b2b - £80.

Location near Chiswick High Street, block of flats, better than their last place.  Did not feel uncomfortable arriving.  Room was OK with candles lit.  Shower was OK.  Towel given was damp as if used before.

I arrived at 1:25pm as checked the clock in the room.  Had a 5 minute shower.  Vicky was clean, good looking with great body and great c cup tits.  She was very quite and ended any conversation quickly.  I thought OK....there is no chemistry here.  Oil was room temperature.  Lay on my front with soft strokes which led to a nice b2b.  However it was not really sensual.  The mirror in the room was placed so that you could not really see much either.

Then she asked me to turn over over after 15 minutes and started massage on front!  b2b was OK but when I touched her tits she asked me not to.  I tried again after a few minutes (softly) but she moved my hands out of the way and placed them on the mattress as in saying leave them there!  WTF!  She did then start a convsersation about holidays etc so we found a common ground but she would not allow touching and then she made me cum at 2pm.  When I came she ran off to get baby wipes when I would have preferred her to keep wanking me!  She then said I had 10 minutes left and if I wanted shower or massage.  I said I wanted a shower but then looked at the clock and it was 2:05pm!

So, nice girl (as per the web site), great body and tits but no touching allowed and was rushed to get me out of the door.

Would I visit GrandMassage again?  No.

I was tempted originally to go for the £140 Erotic Shower Madness, glad I did not!  I cannot see how erotic or mad that service could have been.

Offline webpunter

Unlucky.  They've obviously spent a few quid on their website.  You would have thought that they'd try & get punters back through the door rather than just one-off visist.  Piss poor on the timings.  In my experience the chances of getting fucked over on the time spent is a lot lower with massage burds rather than AW hookers.  See it from the burds perspective - getting nailed / banged senseless by a UKP super-stud tires them out, so they want it over & done with 'soon-as'.  Well some do.  But a rub & tug massage is hardly so strenuous.  And the good places / indies have you coming back.  Read one of YeboyahLF's reviews.  There must have been a UKP queue forming  :lol:  On this lot then its gonna be a whole load different.  Their loss.  Thanks for the review & intel.  PlentyMF in ....

Offline hawai5o

Best thing is to go for 1/2 hr first time at this place and others as well .

Offline webpunter

Best thing is to go for 1/2 hr first time at this place and others as well .
Generally yes - but the pricing differential is such that for an extra 20 quid [1/3rd of 60] you get double the time.  So its always a quandry.  Where the AW burds are 60 / 100 then i'm much more likely to go for the 30 mins rather than 60 mins.  Unless good reporting on here & then vice versa

Offline bungry

Yes, I always do 30 mins first.  I went to see Kelly for 30 mins first at their old place.  Her B2B was good, enjoyed touching her gently everywhere including bum hole etc ....so I thought I would try 1 hour here with Vicky as it was only another £20.

I don;t know what's happened to EuphoriaMassage in Eastcote...they are not answering.  I have met 4 of the girls there recently and they were ALL good, erotic and sensual.....

Offline kaj314

I've been to see Vicky before, Emily wasn't available, heard she is the one to get. Agree that vicky doesn't do a lot if chat, but was OK with me touching, only said no when I got a bit too close to arse and pussy. I think got about 45mins out of my hour.

Offline bungry

I read Emily's reviews here somewhere....she is a bit moody and obviously does not like the job....blurred pics of her look good though

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