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Author Topic: Muangkhwan ( young Thai girl...OIL)  (Read 2153 times)

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Offline allfours

Phoned Sunday morning managed to get in for 1 pm..was met at the door and led upstairs by Ning    been in her company a few times always a good giggle and massage in the past so was expecting her when she showed me through to rear room. On entering room was greeted by a very young Thai girl 20ish slim and pretty, cute ,innocent looking to be quite honest. Ning said her name OIL ,new girl from London,she do same massage as me, you try it. Wasn't going to say no so undressed and got into relaxed mode. After placing towel over my rear, she started with applying oil all over back and legs, long strokes as she walking around bed then back down to feet, where she grab hold and parted legs climbed up and placed her knees right up to my crotch area ,very strong back massage, neck shoulders left me in no doubt that OIL was fully trained. Amazingly as she worked her way down to my legs the towel covering my butt went with her, continued from feet back up to my butt then inside of my legs ,she ask me if I was enjoying and it was time to turn over ,I replied that she was making a old man very happy ,looking at her innocent smile just made my old mans reaction from semi to hard in seconds and with nothing to hide myself from her ,she obviously knew what I was on about. OIL just continued, hands slowly passing either side of my old man making me even more horny. Asked if she would do HR and she just winked a gave me a few cock swipes then moved around to  stand at the head of the bed with her face looking down at me looking up .Placing her hands on my chest using her nails stroking down to my old man and back glancing my nipples ,a third time at this just sent a shudder through the old bones I begged her offering £20, her body leaned over and with her top half pinning my head and chest to the bed it was a fantastic end to a excellent massage..
Place- Muangkhwan. Woodseats. Sheffield
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Offline Tricks

Thanks for the review

Makes a change to get someone new, glad you enjoyed it :thumbsup:

Great review.
I agree Ning is good for a giggle but rubbish at choosing names for her girls :lol:

How disappointed were you not getting Ning?
She seems once she has you addicted to switch to "You try new girl ;very good"
This simply switching you on arrival seem to be an escalation of this as has happened to me as well as some contacts on here.

Oil sounds fun so suspect you felt the £20 (London prices?) was worth it.

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