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Author Topic: Mishaxx - Whitechapel  (Read 292 times)

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Quick response to a text with details.  Arranged for an hour and was asked to message again 15 mins before I arrived.  I turned up on time but had to wait a 5 mins before she sent me the flat number and buzzed me up.

A short (3 - 4 min walk) from Whitechapel tube station, in a council estate across the road from Barclays Bank.  Room is pretty basic but serves it's purpose.

Friendly, slim and reasonably attractive Russian blonde so I decided to stay.  Confirmed that I was here for an hour, payment made and she offered me a drink.

She asked if she could smoke and I advised that we should get started and she could after round one.  I though I was going to get OWO but she only offered up OW saying she prefers it.  I had showered, shaved and was clean before I arrived so can not have been due to poor hygiene.  OW was nothing special and she was moved on to the bed with her on top after about 2 mins.  Her tits are tiny but her nipples are responsive and for me I just found them a little too small.  While she does do kissing, there are no tongues and for me the whole experience lacked intimacy so definitely not a GFE.

After round one, she lit a cigarette and talked about living in Romania where she studied Business at college and working in a Sauna which she didn't enjoy.  She is friendly, and easy to talk to so and generally when I have rapport with a girl, I get GFE or close to it but I did not here.

I just found sex to be a little boring and not enjoyable with her and towards the end she did try to rush me saying that there was only 10 mins left and I needed to finish.  While I did almost get the full hour, I left thinking I should have chosen someone else and had made a bad decision.

Seriously doubt I'd return.

4 review(s) found for VIP SARAH XX linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline punk

Sounds like she needs a new career.

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