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Author Topic: Sweety Cath - W14 - waste of time  (Read 229 times)

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Offline Malvolio

https://www.adultwork.com/3444807 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweety+Cath

I called this morning to arrange a booking, and agreed the time of the punt and the length (£100 for one hour).  I got to the area ten minutes before the punt was due to start, and sent a message asking her to give me the address when she was ready.

After 15 minutes with no response I called - at this point she said she hadn't received my text and would need another 10 minutes to get ready.  In 10 minutes she did send me the address and I turned up - but she told me that she had another client booked straight after me, so I would only be able to have a half-hour punt.  I always book for an hour as this gives me enough time to come twice, so I walked.

Facts for punters who might be interested in her - the location is a newish flat a couple of minutes away from Olympia Exhibition Centre on a quiet residential road.  She looked to be in her late twenties with a large nose and an oval face - pretty enough for me if she got a grip with her communications.  Couldn't really judge her figure as she was wearing a baggy dress, but she is the woman in the pictures.

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Offline bestbefore

What a shame she messed you about. Unforgivable of course. Her fb on AW seems good, so hopefully she will organise her bookings better. Then maybe we can get a review on here of her services.

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