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Author Topic: Massage Scam/potential B&S?  (Read 558 times)

Offline Bassman


Text the above as I decided I wanted a massage with extras. Got a text from a different number in response. No credit being the excuse when I questioned it.

Said I'd walk with my money if it's not the girl in the advert. Apparently I will see the girl in the pics,. No response to my request for a current face pic as proof.

The new number gets back hits from other similar ads.

Stay away? Trust my gut that it is likely a B&S?

Offline Bassman

I played it safe, left it alone. Text a few others. Got a reply back for two separate WG's from the same number! It's the day for it it would seem lol!

Then thought I'd found a tasty Latina, only to turn up and find out her pics were of her maybe 10 years ago! Walked!

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