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Author Topic: Lola Bell - Earls Court (Tie and Tease)  (Read 558 times)

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Offline mash

https://www.adultwork.com/1687693 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lola+Bell

30mins / £50, 10mins walk from Earls Court tube.

I asked her to wear a uniform at the start which she did, but this was wasted as I was blindfolded the entire time!

This is my 2nd review on Lola, I'm not going fluffy - my first visit was a 1hr FBSM but this one was completely different. I commented on the time that if massage is your thing don't bother as she's ok but not great. I also mentioned if you wanted your cock teased mercilessly then she's your girl, hence this visit.

I was in the area and felt like an edging session. I rang her up and was at hers about 30 mins later. I've never tried tie and tease before so I thought why not? The first thing I noticed was that she'd lost weight since my last visit, she's still round but it was noticeable. Facially I find her quite pretty and she is very friendly. She asked me what I wanted and said I wanted a tie and tease but no pain. No massage needed. So on the table I got, my legs tied spread, my arms tied up together behind my head. Blindfold on.

I then proceed to get teased by Lola in a way only she knows how. After a little while, I said I'd be open to trying some pain as the pleasure was getting too intense. She used her nails to great effect on my balls, around my groin and on my cock. Light squeezing too and I'm not sure what else. If someone did this to me normally, I'd not enjoy it at all but because I was in this zone, the pain actually complimented the pleasure. A side of me I didn't know existed perhaps.

She really is a master cock manipulator. A couple of times I almost came and because I was tied up I couldn't stop her, but she could tell and literally bought me to the edge. I felt the load go up...and then down again, I could feel pre cum dribbling out but I stayed hard. She kept me from cumming by slapping my groin area and thighs a few times and digging her nails into my balls and cock, which made my entire body jump.

When I eventually came...it was hard to explain but a wave of pleasure surged through my entire groin area and I think I almost broke her massage table. Not quite a full body orgasm but definitely not something I've experienced before. It was definitely an intense half hour and I was sweating like a pig after. She kept me on edge the entire time, fantastic HJ technique.

It's not something I'd repeat often but definitely recommended. She told me she was going away on holiday next month but her AW now says she's leaving forever so who know's.


50 review(s) found for Lola Bell linked to in above post (46 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

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