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Author Topic: Euphoriamassage.co.uk closed?  (Read 1300 times)

Offline bungry

Does anyone know?  Their phone seems to always be off.....

Has anyone been recently?

If anyone can reply then thx...

Offline Sam12

Number seems to be working now whereas it was going to voicemail previously. However no answer or response to texts. Shame because I had a great massage from Alex a few months ago (who I think no longer works there as she is not on the website gallery)

Offline bungry

I have also tried.....rings but no answer....

Just looked at Maya Massage in Hammersmith who I said previously I would not go back to....Jennifer is there now and it also seems Roxy is too (had great B2Bs from them both).  Might have to pay them a visit again...

So, looks like Euphoria is closed after all.

I went to Euphoria at the end of June in Ruslip/Eastcote. Great session but haven't had a chance to go back.

I saw Alex also at the time, but she wasn't the person in the gallery.  Don't get me wrong the I went for the double intense massage,  and both girls were attractive.

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