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Author Topic: How does a punter get Feedback??  (Read 405 times)

Offline jacy100

But of an amateur question....

I am looking to see one of the better/most reviewed ladies on this site but she only sees guys with 2 reviews from genuine excorts.

So my question is, how do you get a positive review? I've seen very few WG's in my career. Do I need to book via adultwork? Do all escorts leave reviews.

Any ideas

Offline PLeisure

Do I need to book via adultwork? Do all escorts leave reviews.
Sounds like the most efficient option. You might consider requesting to the WG once the punt is over that you'd like to leave her some feedback, could she reciprocate as you'd like to build up the profile. 

Offline Gspotter

Yes, you'll only get feedback if
1) you book through AW
2) the escort leaves you some

Even if you do 1), 2) is not guaranteed. However, if you leave the escort some feedback they'll often leave reciprocate as a courtesy.

Were the WGs you saw recently and advertised on AW? If yes, try contacting them and say you had a nice time (that is if you actually did!) and will make a fake booking. If they agree, make the booking, leave feedback and wait for theirs. This is the simplest solution unless you want to make more bookings just for the sake of feedback.

Some WGs who expect feedback before accepting a booking may still agree if you contact them and explain the situation. After all, everybody starts with zero feedback but they may be wary that an unknown person is a security risk.
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Online Bassman

Yes, some may accept your booking, you do the business and they still won't bother leaving feedback for you. I've been a victim of that also.

To avoid being 'burnt' like that, you are able to check the feed back of other punters on a the feedback page of a girl you want to visit as a feedback builder upper. Just click on the number by their name. Then going by the date he left feed back, you can check she left some for him in return. That way you're likely to get feed back from her as well. It's what I've done when I wanted to build up my feedback numbers for the same reason as you. Likely the same WG lol.

You can try emailing the WG but if it's who I think it is someone tried that once and it was a no.

of all the WG's i have seen, I'm saddened to note that it is the very best of the bunch, which are the ones who have failed to provide me with feedback.  I've given them feedback, but its not reciprocated.  In a way, because they are the best of the best, i was particularly looking for their feedback  - they did provide feedback to some in their career (maybe they have just got lazy in that area)!!  Ah well,   :dash:

Some have the audacity to require a certain level of positive feedback before they will see you - but then dont do the deed themselves!     .... again   :dash:

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