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Author Topic: Invasion Escorts  (Read 746 times)

Offline Eeyore

Does anyone know if Invasion Escorts has finished ?

I haven't used them for ages (miss the owner too much) but decided to look them up tonight to see who is now working for a booking tomorrow.
However the website is unobtainable ??

I was on the website literally the other day so think they're still around. Not working for me now thought either. Saw Lily for maybe my second punt maybe around a year ago suppose I should get a review down of what I remember at some point. Not sure when you last checked it and what girls were on then but from around this time last year compared to the other day only one or two of the girls had changed, Foxy has been long gone unfortunately with maybe another and a only one or two other girls are new since then. Main lass (can't recall her name) still doesn't do it anymore though as you allude to.

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