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Author Topic: 36GG glamour Porsha Heathrow  (Read 2317 times)

13 review(s) for 36GG glamour Porsha (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Plan R


This punt took place a couple of weeks ago.
Its probably a good thing that I waited a couple of weeks to do the review, even with that I'm in danger of triggering the fluffy-ometer of some of the readers here.
Oh well - here goes.

Venue:   A large upmarket hotel in Heathrow.
Comms: Very good.
Porsha: Beautiful young woman...Pretty face, curvy with smooth skin, deep tan, very large round breasts, all gift wrapped in lingerie.

I was greeted with a smile.
Money sorted I had a shower then laid on the bed in a towel.
Sasha offered a massage and asked me to lay on my front, not that easy as I was already getting a boner.
I said yes. Now I know a massage is widely regarded as a 'filler' but I thought;
 It will relax me.
 it may relax her while we chat and she (hopefully) see's I'm sane(ish)
 It won't last more than 5 minutes anyway..

Well I probably lasted about 30 seconds before I reached back and started stroking that peach of an arse. 10 seconds after that I rolled over and it was game on.

Good points
Looks - she's near the top of the upper 10% on here (IMHO)
Sloppy blowjob
Very responsive, very engaged, seemed to enjoy it (or will get a BAFTA awarded).
Fingering and anal play allowed
Attitude - top notch, never heavy, never that 'irritated' vibe you sometimes get.

I made a pig of myself.
Face sitting is my thing and ...ehmm.. I found her so attractive I couldn't keep my tongue out of her arse!  :P
Lots of fucking too, with her bent over the (expensive hotel type) bed and me standing behind.
Plenty of 69
Then she's licking my balls while I went for the firework display.

I'm a once-and-done man, so we had 10 min chat afterwards where I learned she's Polish, but brought up in Italy - there was no way I could place the accent, although her accent wasn't uppermost in my mind even then.

One thing to note - the hotel car park is six pounds for 1 - 2 hours!
(and as I arrived 15 min early - it was always going to be over 1 hour).
Its not the money its the fact you have to pay (to get your exit ticket swiped) at reception.
Now this is a large busy hotel, so busy that everyone is pretty anonymous by default - but even so, I tend to find interacting with anyone immediately before or after a punt a bit funny.

That minor point aside, a very good punt.

I intend to conduct lots of 'research' and just end up with four or five regulars.
Then it'll be the regulars + a bit of variety (that's the plan).
I'm pretty sure Porsha will be in that 'Regulars' hot list




13 review(s) found for 36GG glamour Porsha linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Fact

Thanks PR
Noticed 5 other posi reports and none state she a DFK'er.
i like a girl that kisses whilst being fucked.
All services good but you didnt mention kissing - lips only or tongues?

Does she still have a chavvy accent and loves to talk?
Are her tits too big for her frame?
Did she come across as enthusiastic and up for 2 rounds for those who want to go for second pop? Cos I'd prefer not to pay 166 quid for onr pop.

Did she instigate every move? Her reviews describe her parlour style 'routine'. Or, do you feel she would let the punter take control of the direction of the punt?

And yeah, if you have any more info on the kissing.

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Offline oring123

Is she 33 and dfk is that on offer ?
Banning reason: Previously banned (306)

Offline dubhcarr

And yeah, if you have any more info on the kissing.

+1   :D

seen profile looks great! Mayby a 30 min tumble :unknown:?? kissing would clinch it  :thumbsup:

Offline Plan R

Without wanting to sound like a politician...thanks for asking those questions
Thanks because it will help me hone my review writing.

Kissing was with tongues. Gentle rather than DFK. But definitely tongues involved.
Her accent was Polish/Italian (as mentioned at end of my review), also a distinct Cardiff twang creeping in. There's lovely !
I didn't find it at all chavy  and yes she does love to talk.
However most young ladies find conversation difficult with my penis in their mouth and Porsha was no exception.

Her tits too big for her frame?
I can see your point (just) but as a big tit lover that idea gets into 'Does not compute' territory.
There's a slim blonde look I really like and a busty brunette look I like, Porsha is the later.

up for 2 rounds? This is a guess on my part but I'd say yes.
And I'd guess that because she was friendly and enthusiastic throughout
Being a once-and-done man I try to last 50 mins on the hour - not always easy.

Did she instigate every move?
No I felt I was 'enjoying' her and being allowed to get up to whatever came into my filthy little mind without objections. :yahoo:
I know what you mean about those 'conveyor belt, orchestrated, mundane punts and this wasn't one of em - after the brief massage at the start, she never directed anything. I was like a kid in a candy store the whole time.

Finally - yes, 33 seems about right.

Thank you gents - I can refer to these questions and make sure I address them when writing my next review!


Thanks for the reply. She's been coming up in my AW search results for a long time. I've tried contacting a number of times and often not had a response. I get feeling she is v busy.

I will prob bite the bullit for the 30m option some time soon. Thanks again.

Offline dubhcarr

I will prob bite the bullit for the 30m option some time soon. Thanks again.

+1   :rolleyes:

Offline Candyman

Are her tits naturals please?

Offline Plan R

Yes I'm fairly sure they are  :)

Thank you for the review 'Plan R' having visited Porsha in the past, I concur with your views, she is versatile, easy going as well as being professional. I too think that her stated, Adult Work age is now more accurate, she had been '29' for about four years! I was just wondering whether this review should actually have been be posted in the London Review section?

Candyman - I am a fan of large natural breasts and believe that hers are real. As I recall, she actually said that she had them reduced some time ago.

Tony_Red - I recommend her to you for her looks, her breasts and her attitude.

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