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Author Topic: Natt of London Royal Massage Baker Street Branch, London  (Read 4325 times)

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My first review/post here so I hope I am doing it right.

I was working down in London near Baker St for 3 weeks and due to unforeseen circumstances (the building caught fire - nothing to do with me honest) I had the afternoon free.

As I didn't fancy going back to the hotel so early, nor going to the pub so early. I convinced myself I needed a b2b massage with a happy ending. A quick play on the iPhone led me to the website of London Royal Massage, as apparently it was hit and miss if the two places closest to Baker Street tube (on the main road) offered a happy ending. Also I was looking for a younger more European masseuse.

Anyway I found a quiet spot round the back of Baker St to give London Royal Massage a ring. I was told the lady called Natt was working at Baker St that day and she was free now. I asked for one hours b2b massage with a happy ending and was told I would be texted the details of where to go. The text arrived a couple of minutes later - typical me, from the quiet spot I had rang them from, I now had to walk all the way back up Baker Street again!

Anyway I was expecting London Royal Massage to have their own place, but by text I was sent to a place actually about 5  mins walk away from the front of Baker St Station. I was told to go in and ask for Natt the European girl in Room 1. I easily found the premises and with some trepidation went in and spoke to an Asian Lady who didn't seem to know what I was talking about. Fortunately another Asian lady appeared who ushered me into 'Room 1' and I was told 'to wait'. I was pretty dubious by this stage as it wasn't what I was expecting and I thought briefly about just walking out.

Fortunately within a matter of seconds 'Natt' arrived (I think she had just arrived at the premises from wherever) She was early/mid 20's, slim with blonde hair. Polish but spoke excellent English. After I told her what I wanted she was straight onto texting someone (I presume London Royal Massage?) to say I had arrived. I paid the fee (£100) and she texted again to say I had paid!

I was instructed to get undressed and whilst I was doing it Natt also started to undress. Although she had a lovely slim body and a pretty face I was at first taken aback by the amount of tattoos she had around her midriff and her legs and arms. However they were all 'tasteful arty ones'. Note to self - remember the website pictures used are photoshopped/airbrushed! However the girl in the picture on the website was Natt, that I am sure of. I am not good at sizes but she was less than a size 10 with wonderful pert breasts.

Anyway I laid face down on the paper covered massage table and Natt asked if I wanted oil. Yes I said and so with oil applied I had a very nice hand massage for about 10 minutes covering my back and legs, feet and head with a few nice touches between my legs. Natt then climbed up and after more oil was applied began to massage me all over with her breasts. I was in pure heaven. That went on for about another 15 minutes or so. She asked me a few times if I was enjoying it and I replied that I sure was.

Eventually she hopped off and told me to turn over. Again a few minutes of hand massage massage with a few light strokes between my legs before she was on top again for a frontal b2b which lasted about 15 minutes, her making sure her breasts went everywhere (and I mean everywhere)! As I was getting quite hard by then she jumped off and started to massage my intimate areas very nicely with lovely strokes against my bum hole and around my balls. She put a bit more oil on and gave me a really nice oily slow wank until I could hold it back no more.

She cleaned me up and offered me a shower but I decided to have one when I got back to the hotel. As I was getting dressed she looked at her watch and realised we were about 5 minutes over the allotted hour but she stayed and chatted whilst I got dressed and as I was leaving gave me a nice kiss on the lips.

So, overall an excellent experience. The massage was very good and she knew what she was doing and did it all well. My only criticism is that I was expecting LRM to have their own place and not a rented room in another business, but overall it didn't detract from the experience. I will use this place again next time I am working in London.

 Great review, however my problem is the quality of the  massage  is not very good. How would you rate this compared to a normal place. I've been to a few Chinese medicine s i've been to a few Chinese shops that offer HR but  interestingly, the quality of the massage was very good

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