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Author Topic: MissHotLegs aka BabydollAnna - Plymouth  (Read 457 times)

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Offline Leveve

MissHotLegs (aka Babydoll  Anna), Summer 2014


Basically I could almost have written the other review of her here word for word as my experience was the same. I thought it was worth doing another review though so researching punters can see she ‘s consistently like this rather than just one bad day at the office.

Ok as I remember, but I don’t remember the details.

Council estate area. I don’t want to sound like a snob or a prick but not a great looking neighbourhood. To be fair though it was fine in the middle of the day, if fairly busy as it was school holidays time with plenty of kids and young mums as well as a few decidedly unemployed looking fellows wandering about  :sarcastic: . I’d parked a few streets away on a nicer looking road so no worries there.
The harsh truth is her home itself was rundown and dirty. (Disclaimer: I’m assuming she’s in the same location now but this was two years ago so this might be out of date)

Nice body, slim, nice fake tits, not unattractive facially – but very little effort put in. Wiry hair, clammy skin, long stubble on her fanny and some on her legs. She seemed quite a quiet, reserved person but was friendly enough and was lucid.

Indifferent massage
No DFK and received my pecks on the lips like a corpse.
Oral both ways – bj covered I think
We had sex for a bit until I went soft.
Slightly bizarrely I thought, given how lifeless and unappealing the rest of it was, she then asked me if I wanted her to put on a Venetian mask so I could take photos of us fucking. It’s not a fetish of mine but I’ve taken souvenir photos before and would normally go for it like a shot if offered. On this occasion I said no thanks and that I was going to leave now. She left the room and I got dressed and left, with an exchange of muted goodbyes in the hallway on my way out.

Probably a nice enough woman and obviously her personal circumstances are none of my business but why would someone earning £90 per hour and probably reasonably busy live like that?
Surely she should be using the rent from her holes to escape ‘the hood’  :sarcastic:

Whatever, a crap service for the money given what else is out there  :unknown: . Certainly seems a world away from the last few punts I’ve had with Angelina, Milfhoneybee and  JbJolie.

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2 review(s) found for Miss Pin-Up linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Ellroy44

Definitely one to avoid it seems :scare:

Offline Andyply

  :vomit:  I'm following your Plymouth reviews avidly buddy as I've seen a few you have and am looking for good quality Plymouth punts.  I've never been temped to see this one though  :D ~ you're a braver man than me as young ladies need to be bang tidy in the hygiene department as I like RO too much  :D  Someone needs to do a "pretty woman" with her and whisk her away to a better life  :D :D :D strangely she seems a polite and decent person, just a messy one.
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Offline Leveve

All part of puntings rich tapestry mate  :drinks:

Her AW feedback is glowing mind you  :rolleyes:,
at £90 per hour yes shes a little cheaper than average but in my experience you can get so much better for the money in Plymouth.
Compare this to a JBJ punt... well theres no comparison.
Maybe I'm harsh but her other UKP review tells the same story. I honestly think most UKP reviewers would make similar criticisms.

a shower, a bit of housework and an honest likes likes list would be a good start for her :lol:
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Offline Andyply

 ;) No your review is spot on buddy, fits in to all the others on here.  :thumbsup: Who is leaving her positive AW feedback for Christ sake  :scare: Every Plymouth punter has thought about seeing her ~ I just thought I'd catch something nasty plus she lies about her services.  What was she like to talk too?  Does she do cowgirl or just wants lazy doggy...... now Jbjolie was the best.  It seems she might be returning after her hols.  I did x2 1.5hr bookings with her and she was my best ever, even better than Jaycee due to the fact she tailors her services entirely to your requests.  I'm def gonna be a regular again if she returns.

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