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Author Topic: Esme Five Star Escort Agency Bournemouth  (Read 870 times)

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Offline kamu

Ok so was at a bit of a loose end as none of my AW targets were available. Had been toying with the idea of trying this agency for a while but had been put off by the severe airbrushing and steep prices but thought what the hell you only live once right?


AGE 21
PAID £220 for a 1 hour outcall
SERVICES DELIVERED OWO | RO | Protected Intercourse
POSITIVES  Stunningly beautiful | Friendly | Great Body
NEGATIVES No CIM, no fingering, Didnt seem to want to enjoy herself

PRE-PUNT Initial contact was by call then text to confirm address. Comms were great with no messing about.

LOOKS 10/10 Another 10 from me! Stunningly beautiful young but tall blonde girl. Arrived in a short black dress and heels with pink bra and thong underneath. Perfect natural tits with puffy nipples. Must be around 32C. Nice tight body and shaved pussy with a nice round ass. Doesnt look a lot like her pictures and im not sure its even her but they are so heavilly airbrushed its hard to tell.

SERVICES 4/10 We started with a little game of removing 1 item of clothing each until before we knew it we were both naked. No FK let alone DFK but there was some lip kissing. We moved on to some RO which she said she enjoyed and could feel her twitching at times but it felt like she was trying to stop herself enjoying it. Then onto a BJ which was actually quite good. Nice and gentle unlike some of the Romanians who try pulling your dick off. However she didnt seem to want to do it for long and would mix in a lot of hand jobs. So then it was on with the hat for some cowgirl. This would have been ok had she not spent the whole time looking like she was just going through the motions. So after this i opted to bend her over at least i didnt have to see her facial expressions; however it felt like she wasnt letting me penetrate her properly and very soon i went soft so gave up and whipped the hat off to let her finish me off with her mouth. Again a lot of wanking, little mouth action. When i said i wanted to finish in her mouth her face was a picture of disgust and she said "no never" so opted to finish on her tits.

VERDICT A stunning young blonde girl who provides a pretty mediocre service. Had this been a cheap punt you could argue it was GVFM and she probably would of got a neutral from me but at £220 i cant help but think who else i could of spent that on and got not just stunning looks but a great service to go with it!

COMMENTS Maybe there are other girls providing a better service at 5 star but this one has likely stopped me returning there for some time. The only other 1 i would be interested in seeing there is Kelly who apparently has a wider range of services and is a customer fave but we will see...

Offline buccdriver

Why was the outcall £220? I can only see an advertised rate of £180 :unknown:

Offline kamu

Probably because im in southampton.

Agreed some good looking girls but NEVER the ones in the photos and services very limited...promise you everything until you get there then very little offered...Massively overpriced and the girls act like you just crawled out from under a stone

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