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Author Topic: Sexy Claudia~ Aberdeen  (Read 990 times)

10 review(s) for Sexy Claudia~ (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

This is review #8 for Claudia, so Ill be brief.

Comms were a bit slow in response, but we got there.
Nice modern flat in the centre of Aberdeen. Big room and ensuite.
Her pics have been altered slightly I think to make her face look thinner, but her body is as per the pics. Very womanly, nice big tits.
I would guess early 30s. I was expecting her to be taller - I would say 5'6" not 5'8"
£100 for 45 mins.

I would say her likes list is accurate, within that she would do whatever I wanted. DFK, me undressing her, sucking on those lovely tits, oral on her (absolutely fresh) but no fingers. Great oral (without) on me with lots of eye contact. Whatever positions I wanted. No rush at all and allowed me to direct the action.

I will repeat when shes next in aberdeen

10 review(s) found for Sexy Claudia~ linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

sorry, I forgot the link. yes, that's her

Thanks for sharing, and it's great you had a good time.

Previous reviews have said she's a lot bigger I real life, ie fat, is this true?

She's not for me I think, but her flat mate looks well fit.

not much of a looker , bit of a munter really.
Surprised ye didnt try her pal Olivia, she looks fookin hot.

Offline David1970

Must agree with spud, she looks as hard as nails, not sexy.

Offline ickydicky

sometimes a hard faced bitch is just the sort of hoor you want. not often but sometimes.
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Previous reviews have said she's a lot bigger I real life, ie fat, is this true?
her pics are maybe a couple of years old, but still representative of her body shape
I wouldn't say fat as her overall shape to me is attractive, but yeah she is carrying some weight

I wouldn't say she was 'hard faced', shes very GFE

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