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Author Topic: lizzie24  (Read 375 times)

Has anyone seen this girl?  I'm thinking Roma, but hoping she isn't.  No feedback, but she's in Llanelli and if you think Swansea is a punting graveyard keep going west and it turns into a blasted heath.


Last login was 5 days ago, she's been registered a month with no phone number and she's got no feedback.  I wouldn't chance it.  I seen Francesca foxx in Llanelli the other day (will be writing a review when I get a chance) and she was excellent.  I'd go there instead or a quick trip to little minx instead, both ladies I've seen a few times over the years and never been disappointed. One of the £90/£120 girls is in Llanelli today I see, I've seen her a while back and didn't have a bad time but not memorable enough to return.  That's just me though, if you go for it i look forward to hearing the results.  :)

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