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Author Topic: Outdoor Punting BUT not Dogging  (Read 513 times)

Offline andyrou

I'm really not sure what it is about this hot weather that gives me this urge to punt outdoors. When I say that I don't mean in public as such although I don't mind a little risk of being seen. My ideal scenario would be a WG with a secret garden who's up for some outdoor fun, the thought of the whistling breeze on my arse as it's going up & down on her really does it for me. I think it goes back to my youth when we only ever had the chance outside, as not older enough to even drive etc. All those great memories of open air action seem a lifetime away, truth is they probably are but you can't knock a man for trying.

If anyone knows a WG within London or Home counties who's up for that please let me know. I suppose I could post a RB on AW but I've never tried an RB so not that confident on using.

I look forward to any recommendations and stories of similar punts. 

Offline rubric

There was a group called 'Exclusive Girlfriends' who used to offer this near basingstoke, see:


The trouble is that I think they moved, and they were never particularly good VFM.

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