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Author Topic: Scarlett - Judys Mature Escorts  (Read 768 times)

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I saw Scarlett a couple of weeks ago and have been agonising since then as to what grade I should give her. In the end I've decided on a neutral. Had I have been grading her on the sex alone it would have been very much a positive, but the rest of the experience was pretty poor and that has dragged the mark down.

I like a broad age band of women. The youngest I have had the pleasure of advertises herself as 18, but on this visit to London I was looking for a really mature woman and there was something about the photos of Scarlett on Judys4escorts which appealed. Yes, I know they're a bit weird and old-fashioned, but as I say there was something about them.

It was the first time that I'd used an agency ( normally it's direct contact via A/W ) and although “Judy” was pleasant enough , having to relay my requirements through her made me feel rather embarrassed, and then having to wait while she contacted Scarlett for agreement ( allegedly ) and then got back to me was a pain. ( Negative ). Anyway, I was told everything was agreed and was told to take the tube to the nearest station. I then had to contact Judy again for the next instruction ( turn right out of the station and walk to shop x ) and then contact her again for the next part of the route. This happened 5 or 6 times and I have to say that I was getting a bit pissed off by the end of it. It didn't help that Scarlett was running a few minutes late, so I was directed up and down the same road a few times. (Negative)

Scarlett has a ground floor flat in an old house and she met me at the communal entrance. She wasn't wearing the outfit that I had asked for. ( Negative ).  I was led into the lounge of the flat and the paperwork was dealt with. Being on the ground floor meant that Scarlett had the curtains closed and ( presumably for atmosphere ) a small table lamp lit. The room was decorated in a very dark colour and had dark furniture and I must admit to being nervous about anything lurking in the shadows ( it really was that dark ) ( Negative ). There was also “relaxing music” playing in the background to add to the atmosphere : unfortunately it was more like funeral music. (Negative ).

Scarlett tried to engage me in a long conversation ( Negative ) but that wasn't what I had paid for, so I leant forward to kiss her and ….....smelt her breath – awful, awful bad breath ! ( Negative, negative, negative ). I wasn't sure if she had some sort of tooth/gum disease or whether she had eaten something vile before I arrived, but the DFK I had requested was definitely out. ( Negative ).

I was thinking about walking at this point, but the paper had been handed over so I wanted something at least in return.  And then things started to get better.......

I took her to the bedroom ( which was actually more brightly lit than the lounge and without the dire music ) and undressed her. Scarlett has a fantastic body for her age ( guessing mid to late 60's ) and a lovely tasting pussy. ( Positive ).When she eventually came as I was licking her she almost crushed my head between her thighs. ( Positive ). I don't think she was acting ( as her face, neck and breastbone had turned  a bright red colour ) but if she was she's a bloody good actress. ( Positive ). I then asked her to kneel in front of me for oral with ( my first oral with ! ), as there was no way I was going to put my unprotected cock in her mouth. Well, what can I say ? Scarlett really knows how to suck a cock. She gave me one of the best blow jobs I've ever had ( Positive ), took my length down her throat ( Positive ) and let me hold the back of her head and dictate the pace and length of the thrust ( Positive ).

Then it was on to the bed, Mish, Cowgirl, Doggy and then back to Mish where I eventually squirted more into the johnny than I have for a good few years. ( Positive ). Throughout all of that Scarlett was moaning, groaning, shouting and generally behaving as though she was really enjoying herself just as much as me. ( Positive).

Sorry if this review has been too long, but I needed to try to explain the neutral grading.  The sex really was fantastic ( Gawd knows what oral without would have been like ).

Would I see her again – yes, but it would have to be an outcall, with the right outfit on, and she would have to have eaten a packet of extra strong mints first.

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