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Author Topic: Rachel-superstar Exeter Tour  (Read 1224 times)

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Offline Belisknor

£165 for 1 hour incall

This was my first visit to see Rachel as I was visiting Exeter for the day as I had a booking with Sexy Angelina  :) but noticed Rachel was also in Exeter for the day so felt it was to good a opportunity to pass up as I have wanted to meet her for sometime.

After staggering out of Angelina's I left it a few hours before heading off to see Rachel. We met at a nice upmarket Hotel near the centre of the city. Was easy to get through reception as the lift is near the entrance and in the opposite direction of the help desk.

As I mentioned I have wanted to meet her for sometime but as I live in the punting wasteland aka Cornwall it's been a long wait as she's rarely in Exeter when I can get up there.

The Meet.

What can I say about this lovely lady other than I was absolutely blown away the moment she opened the door to her Hotel room. She looked absolutely incredible very petite in size but perfectly proportioned with a lovely slim figure, long dark hair with nice boobs and a very nice ass ( couldn't leave it alone ) and definetely the girl in her profile pictures and all recent, she was dressed in a lovely outfit and looked and smelt great. Very friendly and felt completely relaxed from the moment I met her, she's a very friendly down to earth sort of girl and shared a few things in common. My cock was starting to twitch as it definitely liked what it was seeing and I proceeded to the fun stuff. Started with lots of kissing and groping and slowly ran my tongue down her body so I could taste her pussy, she tasted great and seemed to enjoy my technique ( though oral isn't my speciality so who knows ) She then wanted to return the favour and sucked my cock nice and deep and could feel the piercing in her tongue which felt good she also spent a considerable amount of time licking my ass which was bloody nice and the second time that day I had a girls tongue in my ass ! ( Angelina ) I couldn't resist any longer and really wanted to fuck her. Once on with the condom asked her to get on top and ride me and she's quite a site bouncing around on top of you. After a few other positions the enviable happened and I came much quicker than usual and quite surprising after I was fucked senseless my Angelina only a few hours earlier so put that down to Rachel as we just seemed to click. Afterwards I was quite happy to chill and we just lay in each other's arms kissing and cuddling and chatting about all sorts of things and at the risk of sounding fluffy ( have been accusssed of this before ) it was one of the most relaxing down to earth experiences I have ever had with an escort. Just felt so natural with her and I really didn't want to leave. Would highly recommend Rachel as she's the complete package, beautiful, intelligent, great in bed and just really good company.

Duration: 1 hour ( was longer as we spent a fair amount of time kissing and cuddling after )
Would I recommend: Yes
Would I return: I'm already planning my next visit.
Banning reason: White-knight

17 review(s) found for rachel-superstar linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Leveve

Nice review, another for the hotlist  :drinks:

Bloody hell, thats an eventful day mate - to put it mildly  :D

Offline Roth

Nice review.  You've got stamina then!  :drinks: :drinks: Rachel looks very tasty but a bit pricey at £165 though considering no anal?  :unknown:

Two punts in one day. Great stamina mate, especially as you saw Angelina first.  Rachel does look very nice and after this review I think I will add her to my HL for a later date. :thumbsup:

Offline Not_today

Always thought she looked beautiful, if expensive.

Offline Belisknor

Certainly slept well that night and am planning something similar when in Plymouth on Tuesday as I have two bookings secured with two different girls already :) Only thirty minute appointments but might add a third if the little chap can handle it.
Banning reason: White-knight

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