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Author Topic: Sexy pretty nicole- a good solid punt and what a pussy!  (Read 1862 times)

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Online Ozy84


Went to see Nicole last week, a long journey down south but was hoping it was worth it. Based in Raynes park in a nice discreet block of apartments comms were good and by Nicole herself. Agreed on £80 which included 2 pops and owo. For me that was value for money.

Buzzed in to the aprtment and i was pleasantly surprised, she was pretty and solid 6-7/10. Nice make up, smelt good and was smiling. Handed over the cash and we started. A few wet wipes and onto owo, wasn't particularly deep or amazing but it got me hard.

I turned aoundto strip her of her underwear. Omg!! What a pussy. Clean shaved and beautifully pink, she said you've not seen one like this before have you?! She could see the surprise on my face. Very big puffy lips and by now a hugely growing clit. She was proper wt by now with me managing a finger up her.

Couldn't wait, asked for the condom. Be warned her condoms are on the small size. Im average and i struggled. Me on top it took a minute to get in, she is absolutely tight. But once in and warmed up she was no way going to stop me and my 90kg plus smashing her!! She climbed on top and had a good grind but unfortunately that finished me off. She did warn me and tell me i would cum quick!!

Between rounds we had a cigarette, she is a casual smoker, and a good hat about work, london and general shit before i asked to move back onto the bed. Same for tound 2, doggy, her oussy had a vice like grip almost oulling the condom off (no it didnt come off). I am a fan of tight oussies and hers is right up there. Still couldnt stop looking at her pussy. She even has a bulge when she is wearing underwear. Came a second time and i cleaned myself up.

It wasnt a pse or a gfe but i would still rate as positive and would recommend. Starnge i know but she is fresh to the scene and if you want to fuck a young, good looking european bird for £80 or less then she should be on the list. There was no massage or kissing but i dont kiss so ymmv.

Overall i left happy and having paid £150 plus per hour for many a punt, left feeling as though i had just grabbed a bargain in the sales! Would recommend.
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9 review(s) found for sexy pretty nicole  linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Mendra

Ozy, glad you had a grand time. Also good to see you churning out the reviews lately. Rockstar!

You joining the #jackhammer club?  :rolleyes:

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