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Author Topic: Darcy @ Lush Leeds  (Read 702 times)

Offline overdone


I'm having a go & booking this young lady. Does say she hasn't logged in but I got an e-mail back from her.

Date:    19/07/2016 07:23
To:    Darcy @ Lush Leeds View All
Subject:    Booking

Do you work saturdays for half hour incall?

Date:    20/07/2016 02:38
From:    Darcy @ Lush Leeds (0)
Subject:    Re: Booking

Hi there, occasionally yes but not this week i'm afraid xxx

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Online BP96

Is there a question there? They have a schedule on their website. I like the look of Kacey and Aisha too.

Offline overdone

They have got a few good ones but at least she confirmed that she sometimes does weekends - hope to call in & see her

Offline thrck20

Half hour £30 and 1hr £120 what the fuck!!!!!
I would just book two half hours 👏👏👏

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