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Author Topic: TOFTT - Stratford  (Read 609 times)

Offline mrhappypants

Sorry I am not sure I understand; are you OFFERING to TOFTT? 


Offline swat32

Looks too good to be true tbh, but please TOFTT and then confirm to us if shes genuine :)
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Anyone interested? Its not AW but hey, pictures look promising..


If that exists in E10 for £50 per 1/2hr its bargain of the century  :lol:

Offline Ludwig

Whilst it is of course possible that the Mexican Playboy Bunny Daniella Chavez is in East London selling her snatch for £90 per hour, I rather doubt it ...


Offline swat32

Guys, I just did a google image search, and from findings, I believe its a scam.

These pics are of a Latino Playboy model, search up @daniellachavezofficial on Twitter.

Unless shes gone totally downhill and is desperate for money, then your wasting your time.

Banning reason: Abusive troll

I think it might be Daniella Chavez

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