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Author Topic: Bootilicious yolanda - Earl's Court  (Read 1048 times)

3 review(s) for BOOTILICIOUS Yolanda (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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This is my first review here I've been punting for a few months now and have seen over 20 girls lol which I will gladly share those experiences with you all.

This punt took place about two weeks ago. It wasn't such a very well planned out plan, I had another girl lined up, some big booty Carla that was Romanian but didn't want to splash 100 on a Romanian as 90% of the time I will recieve some bulshitt service.

Coms: pretty sure she handles most things by herself as her English is pretty ok and you can have a conversation with her. I called her about 1 hour before the meeting and she was ok with this.

Location: the place is located in a basement flat in a nice street close to Earl's Court, not too obvious and not too discrete at the same time, as always there seemed to be more than one person living there including guys tbh this doesn't really bother me

Girl + service: I'm quite short at 5"6 but make up for it with the massive Latino dick haha
She was about 5"7(Hungarian), in her pictures she seems quite slim but face to face she is a little thick, her face is very pretty. She had some amazing canons and her ass is not a nice juicy ass like a Latinas or a nice black girl it's just there when she bends over I guess you could say it's just a fat ass and not a big ass? Anyway I decided to stay for an hour 100 and owo £20 extra, normally I don't do owo but on this particular day I was feeling filthy haha. 
The negative for this review is that she seems like a nice girl but her service is just shit. Her sucking skills were okay, she didn't want to take off her bra, she was very silent and awkward. I'm quite good looking and usually get on very well with my punts, like to laugh and crack jokes, talk for a bit after sex but she was just there taking it ironically like a whore, at this point I gave up and just started to thrash that pussy (well one positive she can take a beating haha) in an effort to cum quickly and escape this.
We are like 35 mins in and after a like what seemed an eternity of doggy I lied down expecting her to ride me and she started to give me handjob instead this lasted for various minutes, Dino (my penis) wasn't very happy, he doesn't cum on hand jobs if I wanted one I would have had a wank before and save me some money. I told her to stop because her hands were getting tired she then tells me she's very sorry but she has to go to the hospital and she will give me 20 quid back, I got pissed and demanded 40 but had forgotten that I paid for owo ( see how quickly I forgot haha) I apologised got dressed she left the room at this moment, never came back and one of her friends ( she was sexy ) gave me the £20 instead.

To conclude what you just read, I'd say that she is in the wrong business, I wasted 100 quid that day, didn't even cum it is one of the few punts I wish never happened.

3 review(s) found for BOOTILICIOUS Yolanda linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for your first review.

Hungarians are usually good punts but unless you speak the languages you won't know for sure what nationality she is.

Some Sergeis put different nationalities on the profiles of Romanian escorts because they realise the (deserved) crap reputation they have and Hungarians are near enough.

She had some amazing canons and her ass is not a nice juicy ass like a Latinas or a nice black girl it's just there when she bends over I guess you could say it's just a fat ass and not a big ass? .

Thanks for the review

I always find differences and cross-cultural differences interesting like the term a 'juicy ass' and a fat ass but not big. Though I think I know what you mean though  ;)
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