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Author Topic: Punt of Canada Water  (Read 927 times)

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Offline MrE30


Hello Gents,

I'm not a talented Reviewer so please bear with me.

Just thought I would share a recent punt. I actually don't live too far from this one and couldn't be bothered to drive through traffic in London to see someone that's well reviewed here so I thought to have a look and see what is close by. Kinda like a TOFTT.

Location: Canada Water. Popular New build residential block.30 sec walk from station.

I must admit I am more of a massage man as I like to relax. I like seeing Jessika in Leyton but she didn't respond that day. I saw the advert (link above) and I thought I'd give it a try. I got a quick response by text and was given the address and headed over. There is a shopping centre opposite 4 hour free parking so I left the car there.
It would've been silly of me to expect the chick on the photos and lo and behold it wasn't. I was greeted by a minimal English speaking chick called Bayla. She was Chinese pretty but figureless (small ass and tits) and requested £120 for an hour. It differs on the ad (for massage) but I didn't want to sour the meet so I paid up. I went for a shower came back and laid on the bed.
The Massage:
In one word..... Shit. Not relaxing too much force then to top it off she punches your muscles thinking that's relaxing. It got to a point where I was thinking how am I going to go through an hour of this. She also asked if I want a BJ, but I had to pay tips. I told her I already gave her £120!! I then noticed some Lube on the table. In my attempt to stop the torture I was enduring I asked her if she does sex. She said yes and proceeded to take off her panties. I thought this is a good way out and a way to recoup some value for money so on went the protection and the boning proceeded in a number of positions. She was relatively compliant but the lack of English didnt help.

Once finished I didn't bother showering and made for a pretty swift exit after saying goodbye.
Overall, I wouldn't visit again as its not good VFM, the location is fine it's on a main road but it's a luxury development so it doesn't look like you are going for a punt. On the plus side While in the building I visited the top floor after and enjoyed some magnificently panoramic views of London.

Offline MrE30

No was included in the 120£


I live in Canada Water, these adverts are all pretty much for them same set up. This one (which I've just been too with a similar experience) is probably the same place.

Sometimes you get a good deal, maybe 1 in 5 times. With me it's a case of hope triumphing over experience as the idea of a massage followed by sex is generally better than the reality.

I'd avoid these places - certainly wouldn't travel to get here.

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