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Author Topic: Job on the side for prossies  (Read 833 times)

Online Marmalade

To get out of sex work, or to get extra bookings  :D


Please send your drawings and mugshots to UKP or AW marked "verification 2" (together with her phone number, whether she made your cock twitch, or whether you thought fuck it and hit on a civvie).

Offline AnthG

They probably could seriously do this though.

This topic brought back memories. As after my A-Level exams were finished and before I went to University in the September. I needed to sign on for another course at my college to continue to get paid the student payments from them (it was the equivalent of Job Seekers allowance but for those in full time education and paid by the college to me).

So I took up a full time summer school Art course. And they were saying every term they got in nude models to draw. I was all eager for it as to be honest this would be my first venture down seeing a girl completely naked (I was only 19 at the time).

I was bummed like hell as the arranged booking she cancelled last minute on the day and it was rearranged for the week after I had to leave and start my university course in the September.

But from what I remember I was told she was being paid £50 per hour by the college for doing this. And this was 2000 money.

Thinking back now. I bet she was a working girl for her main profession.

Online Marmalade

I really think it should be encouraged. The large number of famous artists that painted nudes hired prostitutes for the purpose.

A woman in her 'natural' nude state, after she's just fucked or just before, which is when her naked body is viewed, is in a certain state of physical abandon. A civvie is not very geared to doing that as an artist's model. Hence one sees a spate of asinine, sexless nudes.

There is every reason for an art student to study the naked body as it is the only real way to understand things like muscle tone and the articulation of the limbs (which somehow have to be suggested even when painting a clothed human figure): but for depicting a nude as a nude a prostitute is superior in my opinion.

Offline ickydicky

aye and they got nice tits to
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Offline Davido0007

Shame the main picture for the article looks like she is lying in blood. I can only presume this is portraying some kind of extreme period play.

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