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Author Topic: High class/ perfect escorts in London. Are these pics real?  (Read 1070 times)

Offline Jimmyboi

I have came across alot of high class escort sites and these girls look amazing.
Most of these girls are Young, busty, pretty and Eastern European.

Also it looks like on big company with many sites.

Are these pics even "real"?
Looks very photoshopped.



Offline David1970

In the wrong section should be in the London section.

Offline Jimmyboi

In the wrong section should be in the London section.

Ok please put it there admin.

Offline Jerboa

What's high class about them? Just your usual generic London agency girls, obviously the photos are well photoshopped, so who knows how close they will be in the flesh.

Offline ickydicky

and they be like everything else in london from beer to fish suppers. over priced and a disappointment :crazy:
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Offline Steely Dan

These two are on the list of 96 London agencies noticed by members here.  Here is the full list:
These  don't have a lot of reviews so the general rules apply.  In 2 words that is,  caveat emptor.

Babes is among the more popular web sites. Does not mean that it is better than the other 95, but up to you to think if this good or bad. Perfect has has a note that it is associated with Loyalty.

Offline Mendra

I have used babesoflpndon in the past. You need to do your research. Hot and miss. Trial and error.

While the pictures are photoshopped cohere is still a god resemblance. Their girls in Bayswater seem to be good. I have never had a good punt with those in Paddington though. The have a cattle load of girl in Chelsea cloisters. I would recommend Daria, gazelle and Nika.

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