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Author Topic: Welsh is Best?  (Read 761 times)

Not a comment on the football, or Welsh WGs (good as both of these groups are). But an opinion on this forum

After a few decades of punting I've been on this site for a few months. Initially I only ever looked at posts and reviews on the Welsh sections. Recently, I've been scanning the UK section.

It appears, certainly to me, that the UK section is a lot more "feral". Much less respectful to both the contributors (who may dare to express contrary views to other posters) and to the WG girl community.

Contrast this to the Welsh sections where, by and large, comms are a lot more civil and helpful. I think this has a lot to do with the tone set by the well established members of the group.

I know this sounds a bit "fluffy" and bleeding heart. But it makes my experience here more pleasant and effective. Long may it continue  :drinks:

Working together for a more sexy Wales :hi:

Online Corus Boy

Working together for a more sexy Wales :hi:

Would this be part of Sexy Whales?

To answer the OP;

I think there is a solid group of punters who are happy to share information on punts both good and bad and not to confuse punting with sports, politics and the other flotsam of life.

Online Redevil86

Agree C B , have to say all my regs are welsh, but I know you guys have had great times with girls from all over the globe , and what a great thing that is when you give it a bit of thought about the clash of cultures in punting, I've see a few from Poland, Hungary and of course England and it's just great fun, but if I lived in Newcastle, all my favorite's would probably be from the north east as Thay  would be by far the largest number of w g's on A W in my ( that ) area. Saw Gorgeous Alice last week , Polish, great attitude, great service, great girl, variety is the spice of life Thay say and never true'er in punting.

Offline HughJardon

+1 GP
Yes the welsh are punting gents, but just be true to yourself and honest when posting.

The more Experienced punters pass down there knowledge to newbie punters, they then do the same and so on and so on.

Its the Punting circle of life  :bomb: :bomb:

Btw if asses need to be kicked the proverbial foot is always ready  :rose:

Online Redevil86

I got side tracked in my last post ( stand by what I said though )  I was reading about 4 + threads on uk p and uk e , multi tasking is never a good thing when knackered, but Thay do get a tad brutal on some of the other regions , but then there are some cocks that need slapping !  So to speak , but just let them get on with it, fuck all to do with us .

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