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Author Topic: Phoenix party london  (Read 911 times)

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Hi gents

just a quick report while the madness is still fresh in the mind.
Attended a Phoenix club London party today (thephoenixclub.london)
Ladies in attendance: Isabella Luiza Maria Sandra and camilla. Greeted by Emily on arrival
And paperwork taken care of as usual. 5 gents in at start of the party but I think 2 or 3 more turned up later. I will take the ladies in order of play , helps with the memory😀😀
On starters orders I was a bit slow/ polite and ended up with Camilla as the only lady available
Not a great looker I am afraid and a body with too many stretch marks. Age - late thirties I would imagine also did not speak any English . All in all wasn't doing it for me and was finding it difficult to keep a stiff one😒😒 In the end politely moved one.
Maria- slim young Romanian fit body and large natural tits, very pretty
Good bdj skills only negative is the usual ocd over wet wipes and domestos on the knob before
Oral. Oh and also wouldn't do doggy!
Luiza- star of the party for me fit as fuck and great banter :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Sandra- good looking Romanian, nice slim body and very friendly good oral skills
Isabella- enough said, plenty of cheeky banter from her.
Managed to party with all five girls so can't complain and came out knackered !!
Party vibe wasnt quite as intense as I have experienced in the past which is so dependant on the girls present although Luiza and izabella did their best to lift things up. sandra and Maria are both
Worth seeing although they are both quite vanilla and more one to one rather than party girls.

All in all had a great time and would highly recommend  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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