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Author Topic: Sweet Alma Hot - Kensington, W8 (Notting Hill Gate station)  (Read 497 times)

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Rate: £100 for one hour.

I decided to meet with this WG due to her previous positive review on AW from Seamed Stockings, and as I am into pretty similar to what he is, I have been checking his feedback and attempting to visit the same people. So far it has been 3, and whilst Sexy Joanna was a very positive experience, and Mistress Elizabeth might have been with better communication, this one was a definite negative. I wonder if Seemed Stockings is just one who always rates them all positive (like so many on AW), and I wish he could be encouraged to write real reviews here.

The communications were good, as she responded to AdultWork messages, which moved to WhatsApp. I made my requirements very clear. She should be dressed in normal clothing. I also made a clear specification of the type of shoes.

I arrived about 15 minutes before the scheduled time and arrived right away. There was another WG in one of the rooms, and we ended up in a very small bedroom. She was wearing hardly anything and was not wearing shoes. Perhaps I should have ensure she put the shoes on before I handed over any money, but she took it to go and change and took 5 attempts to finally wear what she had suggested she had in the first place. Her first 4 attempts were two pairs with open toes (I specifically said no open toes). One had a very small hole, but for me closed toes means no hole at all. One pair of rather ugly ankle boots and another pair of just over the ankle boots with a heel but not for me. Finally her 5th attempt was a pair of beautiful red shiny classic court shoes with stiletto heels. For me, this is the meaning of "high heel shoes".

All of that frantic stuff took up about 10 minutes.

She then did start to do things to me with the heels, and did kick me a very times in the balls, and also did a bit of play in other areas of the body. Didn't come across as really being into it, but was fair enough. She did resist any time I tried to kiss her, and we made a little "game" whereby I would come onto her to kiss her and she would stick her shoes into me to resist it.

What makes it a clear negative for me is that she was too keen for me to ejaculate even when we'd only started and still had plenty of time left. Once I did, to be fair, she did not throw me out straight away but did remove her shoes saying they were hurting her a bit.

I do believe that the woman I met is the one on the profile, and it's a fine line between neutral and negative and not all negative and they were nice shoes and she did stick them into me :) Maybe that would have been enough in the past, but I think I can do better.

1 review(s) found for Aysha hott linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I wouldn't had handed over any money until she was dressed as requested and how can she not get it on the second / third time of asking. You are a very patient man I would of walked.

And you paid £100 to have someone kick you in the balls!  :scare:

To kick me in the balls with shoes that looks similar to this:

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