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Author Topic: Sexy Hot lady / Epsom - New Malden - Kingston / potentially a Brazilian hottie  (Read 1017 times)

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Sexy Hot lady   https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3352429
Looks fit-as.  Great legs & superb rack.  Nuffink on here.  AW FB looks OK
As Brazilian / tall then the punting radar sounding faintly in the background.  Nagging doubt that maybe previously more John than Joanna etc.  But i've got to tick this off my bucket list at some point.  And if i can't tell then as far as i'm concerned this doesn't count IMO  :lol:
Any intel to offer fellow UKP'ers ?

Sorry - but I've been meaning to do a review. Just got a lot on my plate at the moment. Great looking girl - body just to my liking (thick - not fat). But so mechanical. No passion. Plus, her profile is written by Sergei - the bollocks of her trip to Milan on her profile. She barely speaks English, and the location is a shit hole. So much so, the address I was given was for an electrical shop - arrived there (looking suspicious) and some Brazilian man came up to me and ushered me into a door around the corner. Sure - she is hot, but £150 was a rip off (one pop and after 35 mins I was happy to just leave).

Offline webpunter

Thanks matey - UKP at its finest. Not what the doctor ordered per your experience. I especially don't like this type of set-up. Puts me right off. Plenty more fish ... HL is -1

Is she near Pound Lane  and the Brasilian clothes shop ? Her pics are really good quality - much better than you would expect for this level :P Is she really similar to this ???


Sorry for late reply, but yes, that was the venue

Oh, next door to the gentle salon where kindness comes first and TLC is free🤣

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