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Author Topic: Germany in Brasil  (Read 1394 times)

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Offline Germany

                                  Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3557162 or https://www.adultwork.com/Brazilian%2EBombshell

Comms: 2x called, maid claimed that she's the girl, which was lie as Bombshell don't speak English. Let me waiting in the location for about 10 min :(. (After 1st call I been there shortly, as driving )

Reason of Visit: Full Balls, release tension after long day at work  :thumbsup:

Location: Near Peckham Rye station, very discreet and safe. (There are really cool placing in Peckham :timeout:), black doors,  free parking after 6-6.30, overground bridge nearby

Girl: Stunning looks  :crazy: (forget about the pictures, although matching,  tetas & culos looks bigger in real ), typical Brazilian Face with nice points on it  (will know she's from brasil if seen on the street as Germany have sensitive sensors build in), butthole easy to find in between half moons,  shaved, fresh,  with a bit of hairs, vagina typical used by cocks although huge clitoris  (bodybuilding women having mostly), she's good kisser. Ass is not butt-looking but it is huge (looked enhanced to me), tits enhanced. This white meat was delivered from South America recently, is fresh, getting use to new environment. (couple weeks if remember correctly)

Positions/sex: Germany played  romantic, kissing & teasing her, BJ/OWO, sex various position (very slow as Testicles not emptied beforehand), finished wiht HJ on her tits.

Hello Gentlemen

Germany first impression was as good as expected. AW profile is claiming £80/30min, by txt received £60/30min. Door opened by Girl covered whole body with coat which you can use after shower. She let me go first up the stairs which was sign of not trusting me to have me behind. :( No kiss on cheek and not positive talk towards me. Her english is zero. I believe she is classy prossie, professional, learning english actively, having good roots. (her body is looked after, not looking rough or used much by many cocks, hairs done nicely by hairdresser)

Asked for to go pee pee, not understood hence I showed what need to do with my finger. :D While Leaving bathroom maid or another girl approached me (not prossie), received positive comment. :cool: Asked for service, she said everything except anal. When removed the coat I was amazed by her looks, my cup of tea. Initiated with rimming, FK/DFK, me sitting on the bed she standing, sucking her tits and licking her butthole. Have got good feedback by sending across the right noises all times. (my sensors alerted that it was not real, but very good delivered, as I said she's professional and most importantly fresh here in UK). OW was slow very good delivered, not wet, but deep & slow. Attention to my strawberry, using only lips, no tongue, no eye contact. Started side by side with FK, moved to missionary with pillow underneath  her back, FK including. Doggy nice and slow as was ready to cum. (very nice view, but recalling kiara's view, that was my top1). Removed condom and she finished me on her tetas while giving her DFK. :wacko:

In general: I was just another client, not felt that she wants to keep me overnight or something....(nice music in backround creating experience of having sex with prossie close-emotionally to me, FK keeping important role as well)

Good sex, will come again today 100% percent as want to fuck her hard, not like prima-dona, watching closely my cumming.

Kind regards

Germany :hi:

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1 review(s) found for Alicia_Mello linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Germany


Her next location is Knightbridge and after going to Scotland, as having friends there (presume another prossies)

It seems she is now limited edition :scare:

Offline Germany

Note please! In 30 minutes you can cum only once OR 15 min is not allowed.  :cry:

Note please! In 30 minutes you can cum only once OR 15 min is not allowed.  :cry:

Good review  I've never seen her before doubt I will either the odd thing is she was doing 15 min punts in catford a few weeks ago but was trying to charge £50 for them

Offline yumyum3

Thank you for your analysis, Germany. I think she is satisfactory.  :)

Offline Germany

I don't want to say publicly, but something is telling me that her price for service will go UP!(AW profile is already saying more how actually is on offer).

She might not have as much clients as expected, but this will rapidly change...

BTW anyone was on the location before?

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