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Author Topic: Chinese relaxing massage cardiff  (Read 946 times)

Offline S.jones85


Has anyone been to this place before? Just rang up now and was told it was £90 per hour for a massage.

I could get a 6 hand massage for that price somewhere else 😨
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Offline Corus Boy

I think that might be the Richmond Road place and you'll be getting more than a massage.

Offline nestor

the only photo is of an Orchid?
that should give a bloody big clue as to whats on offer. What do orchid blossoms look like?
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Offline S.jones85

Thanks guys. I will give it a miss. Not in to parlours

Richmond Road isn't a parlour. It's a flat with one girl. You will usually be let in by uncle, but he's cool and its very safe.

Offline S.jones85

Thanks guys. I think I was put off by the £90 rate.
I was hoping to see Vivien-masseuse but she's gone quiet and not logged on to AW for a few days

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