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Author Topic: 52 Greek street soho Mary/Marie  (Read 622 times)

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Lost my virginity to Marie at 52 Greek Street. My first ever punt, knocked on the door to see a really attractive Eastern European woman come out and kiss me on the cheek. She then beckoned me to the room opposite her door. I opted for a blowjob and sex, for 30. She was quite toothy in the BJ and wouldn't deepthroat when I asked but fair enough. She then lay down and we had sex in missionary. I lasted about 6-7 mins after a 2-3 minute blowjob.

Then went back one night after work, and had a rushed service. I was really horny  and paid for 2 positions (£30), she rode me for 2 mins, could see I was really into it and pressed her tits into my face and neck as she rode me, I cummed in 2 minutes, not even time to switch.

3rd encounter, she wore a really sexy lingerie and I opted for straight sex (20) and did her for about 5 mins in Missionary.

Am looking to build up sex stamina as I still finish too early and fancy giving her a fourth f*ck tomorrow. Once I get control on finishing, definitely gonna go for missionary and finish with her in cowgirl each time I see her after that. She took my virginity and there's something about her, that makes me keep wanna go back to have more fun!

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