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Author Topic: Pregnant Kaitlyn - Finchley  (Read 701 times)

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Location: Top floor flat behind a parade of shops in Finchley, 10 minutes walks from Finchley Central station. Use of bathroom available. Flat is in decent condition although you can tell it's a working pad. Parking available

Cost: £80 for 30 mins

The lady: Looks like her pics. Cute and very much pregnant with nice sized tits when I saw her a few weeks ago. Something not apparent in her pics is that she has braces. Told me she was Brazilian

The meet: Found myself in Finchley and feeling very horny. Contacted Kaitlyn as I do have a bit of a pregnant fetish. Arranged the meet very quickly. On arrival at the postcode I could not get through to her either via text or call. Hung around for a couple of minutes and was on my way back to the car when she rang me back and said to come back providing her door number. Was going to go for an hour but the comms made rethink and only go for 30 mins.

Had some FK with her. Nothing too passionate so started rubbing her pussy. She put a condom on and moved down to give me oral. I grabbed her tits and she moved my hands away from her nipples saying that she was sensitive. Came into the condom from all the sucking and groping. Thought I might have a chance to try again but she asked straight away "do you want a shower?". Couldn't be bothered to argue or discuss any further so took her up on her offer.

Out of the flat dead on 30 mins which included use of showers, undressing etc.

Average punt that I may have given a positive but the prices she's charging pushed it into neutral territory.

+ Friendly girl
+ Attractive in my opinion like her pics
+ Services I wanted were provided as advertised

- Seemed like a conveyor belt type service
- Didn't want me to touch her nipples as she was 'sensitive'
- Clock watching
- Comms before the meet were poor
- On the way out she asked me to  keep the door open and let the next guy in so discretion is zero


Return?: No as besides the pregnant angle there wasn't anything to entice me back.

2 review(s) found for Deep Inside Me! linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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