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Author Topic: Annie - East Croydon  (Read 1278 times)

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Offline NickA



East Croydon, Jury's Inn Hotel

30 mins (probably stayed for 20) £50

Annie is advertised as a Sexy Korean Girl alongside the usual Vivastreet gallery of internet-sourced eastern girls.  I'm partial to Thai/Chinese girls and just fancied a change. I also needed a good half hour punt. Nothing too pricey. Just needed to unload.

Communications were good. She answered the phone quickly and spoke enough English to make sense. Texted the address. Asked me to phone again when I was there, and she gave me the room number and then texted to confirm. So good so far. Walked purposefully to the lift. It helped that I had a bag over my shoulder and looked like I should be there. I've tupped a couple of brasses in this hotel before, so I know the drill.

Girl - or should I say woman - answered the door promptly. Slightly dumpy Chinese bird in her thirties, bit pale, bit too much make-up to hide the wrinkles. OK to look at, but nothing special. Small tits, bit of a gut, no tattoos or piercings, thin but dangly flaps (reminded me of a chicken's neck). I love big labia, but these curtains didn't do anything for me.

Very friendly though. Quite chatty and attentive. Lots of smiles and 'ooohing' and 'aaaahing' when she saw my cock. She made an effort.

Decent massage for five minutes, then turned over. She did the ear nibbling thing, but I didn't really fancy her, so gently guided her downstairs. Lots of cock and ball rubbing. On with the rubber and decent BJ, if a bit toothy. But went lower, no prompting, to lick my balls. Positioned myself so she could go lower still and soon had her lapping my perineum and even a few tentative licks of my brown-eye. So full marks for that.

Fucked her in missionary. She lubed herself first, but you could tell the pussy had some mileage on the clock. Got bored, off with the rubber, and decided to crack one off over her tits. Worked about three fingers up her saggy puss while I wanked myself. Bizarrely, I think she liked it! Lots of grinding on the bed, so before I shot I decided to chance it and stuck my balls in her face for another lick. God bless her, she went to town on them and, just at the death, slipped a tongue up my wrong 'un. Shot my bolt in her hair and up the headboard.

Jumped off, wiped myself off, and was back in my jeans before she was off the bed. 'Baby, you wan' more, you wan' massage'. She just lay there, looking a bit shocked and weirdly like she wanted more. But I was lacing up the trainers already.

Not a looker, but she went that bit further - and redeemed what could have been a bad punt. Reading this back it sounds more positive than it was. My problem is I didn't fancy her. But got the feeling she could take a good pounding and liked it a bit dirty.

I'd never go back, but don't regret it.

Offline punther

Jumped off, wiped myself off, and was back in my jeans before she was off the bed. 'Baby, you wan' more, you wan' massage'. She just lay there, looking a bit shocked and weirdly like she wanted more. But I was lacing up the trainers already.



Offline NickA

Re-read this review and thought I should update it.

Unbelievably, I went and tupped this one again the other week. I needed a £50 dump and run. I knew she went the distance for that money. Plus I couldn't find anything else that didn't involve going EE and venturing to the wasteland that is West Croydon/ Fornton Eef.

Annie is now working out of a decent new flat near The Builder's Arms. A fair trot from East Croydon station - 15 mins I'd say. But in that general vicinity. She still looks like a ghost with that white make-up, she's still got a paunch and her labia still resemble a pair of flesh-coloured stalactites.

But she sucks cock, licks balls and perineum, and while I couldn't tempt her to give me a full rimming this time, she gets close enough to the orifice.

She's a funny one, Annie. Bit businesslike, but weirdly raunchy. I don't fancy her. No one fancies her, I suspect. But grab her head, talk a bit dirty and be a bit dominant but not abusive and it's a like a faucet goes on in her snatch. Dry as a bone one minute, dripping like a cheap B&Q tap the next.

There's a wall-width mirror in the new bedroom and she loved sucking me off in front of it. I work out and I have a fairly big cock - sorry - and she started coming out with all this chat: "muscle, muscle" and rubbing her hands over my chest, "big strong" and grabbing my chinpoko. I liked it. Had her on all fours and then came over her tits and face. Once again, all wide eyes and billing and cooing about the quantity of my seed and the size of my penis.

I think Annie knows the score: she's not the prettiest or the slimmest Thai girl in the neighbourhood. She wouldn't last a week at Pure Life as a masseuse. So she works with what she has - she sucks and fucks and gets off on muscular, well-hung westerners using her for half an hour.

I still can't recommend her. But, fuck me, I went back again, didn't I.

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