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Author Topic: Kim Hot Venezuela  (Read 498 times)

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Offline Boblowjob


I saw this girl today. SA1 area of Swansea again, getting quite popular with visiting girls. Anyway back to Kim, definitely the girl in the pics. Extremely beautiful with a perfect body, tits, ass, face she's got the full package.
Paid £120, £20 extra for owo for one hour. She was dressed in some nice underwear, no knickers which was nice. I gave the cash over and she asked me to the toilet, here she proceeded to was my cock, thoroughly. First for me but I was mesmerised by her ass. Back to the bedroom and I had her bend over the bed, her ass and pussy were as beautiful as her face. If Carlsberg did ring pieces, they'd look like Kim's. Nice little fat pussy too. I spent quite a quite while down there licking her. She does love a good rimming, she kept telling me to lick her ass rather than her pussy, my fucking pleasure love. Next I wanted those lovely lips of hers round my bellend, this is where things went a bit off. After washing my cock earlier, she got the wet wipes out and wiped me down again. You'd could have eaten your dinner of my bellend, I could see my fucking face in it. This is obvious something she's not over keen on, because it didn't last long. She was keen to get on with fucking. On with the mac and she bent over, "go slowly" she said. Now I'm getting frustrated, with an ass like hers I wanted to pound the fuck out of her, but after a short while she said I was too big and flipped over. Into mish and I did manage to get some rhythm going, the headboard was making a right noise by now which was concerning her. So we switched again, her on top. I did enjoy this as she looked great bouncing on my cock, but again headboard noise was an issue with her. Back into 69 and I ended up coming in this position, tongue up her asshole.
I asked her about a second round, she wouldn't let me fuck her again but was up for another rimming session. So I spent ages rimming her tight asshole, ended up lying on the floor with her sitting on my face wanking me off. Very enjoyable.

It's only a neutral because of the cock washing, poor oral and her constant concern about the noise. She's a nice girl, with a stunning face and body but I wouldn't see her again.  She's in Swansea for two days, then goes to Norwich then back to Venezuela for good.

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3 review(s) found for Kim Hot Venezuela linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Didn't Hugh bang the living fuck out of this girl once?

Offline HughJardon

Didn't Hugh bang the living fuck out of this girl once?

Yes he did  :thumbsup:
Would love to bang her again, but she can be distant and a bit too clinical for my liking and no french kissing, but I left her gash gaping. Her body is the bomb  :bomb:

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