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Author Topic: A Good Agency In Birmingham City Centre without Blurred out faces  (Read 690 times)

 :hi: Hey Chaps . Staying at a Hotel In Birmingham City Centre On Friday ( Later today ) . I would like reccomendation of Agencies that show Faces . Many thanks Chaps .

I am also keen to hear your thoughts on a Good Bar or Club to meet a Wag Wannabe on a Friday night . Fancy a Night out which might end in a Punt if I can't Find one .  :cool: :D :D

Thanks Chaps  :hi:

Just go to any of the clubs up broad street plenty of talent up there on a Friday night

just avoid reflex, unless you wanna play grab a granny!!

 :hi: Thanks Buddy . Great advice . I ll be sure to avoid .

Does anyone know a good escort Agency ?  :hi:

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