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Author Topic: Anyone tried this???  (Read 1497 times)

Offline Corus Boy


A search on the phone number brings up lots of similar adverts but no additional information.

One for you to try first, I think.

Offline snaitram99

From the wording, I think I know who this could be, but better not say unless I'm sure. "Other treatments" sounds like HE might be available though.

Offline nestor

Picture 4 shows orchid blossom
The shape of the blooms is supposed to represent what's on offer. Its true for a lot of Chinese / Thai places, but a few seemed to have lost the meaning of the symbology. But its worth a try.
If you're in a Chinese or Thai place and they have orchids on show, or orchid paintings on the wall, its a good indicator
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Sorry, I don't know the significance of the orchard????!!!!

Offline snaitram99

The same tel number now appears on Gemma_massage in on AW

Offline snaitram99

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