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Author Topic: Zoie by massage, Bayswater  (Read 3305 times)

14 review(s) for Zoie by massage (10 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3245284 or https://www.adultwork.com/+Zoie+by+massage

Duration: 2 Hours
Paid: £120 + £20 for CIM (£140 in total)

Having read the positive reviews of Zoie by SamLP and Bassman135 wanted to give her a try.  I had a good time, however the shine was taken off the experience some what by a couple of things at the end.  It's still a positive, just not a 100% endorsed positive.

Called Zoie and enquired about availability.  She confirmed she was free at the date/time I was after.  She asked I call her in the morning on the day to confirm.  Called her in the morning, got sent the postcode and road name.

Arrived 10 minutes early and called her for the exact address, she guided me to the right place.

As mentioned before in other reviews, it's a big old place converted into flats.  There was no one hanging about outside the building or in the main area inside when I arrived. 

Her actual flat is small.  I did not have to stretch my arms out fully to touch the walls either side.  The bed area is up some stairs, unusual but the view of her as you climb the ladder/stairs behind her is very nice.

Facially she is like her pictures, I found her quite attractive in person.  She's not toned, but the tummy is not over hanging or anything.  However, she has a very peachy arse.  Watching her cheeks whilst I was behind her was a great start to the session.  I would put her age down as mid 30's. 

The session
Upon arrival I confirmed I was after CIM, followed by a sensual massage and to finish some more CIM and we sorted out the money.  I was asked to get naked whilst she watched.  She removed her gown and showed off her bod in a matching bra and tanga.

Up to the bed area she asked me to lie on my back.  Zoie lifted my legs and licked my perineum mixed in with ball sucking.  It was sloppy and a lot of slurping noises where made by her.  Then on to the blow job with her teasing my balls.

She got up and gave me a camel toe rub mixed with her leaning in and giving me quite a bit of DFK.  I slowed it down a bit and pulled her up so I could suck on her tits.  They are nice, they have seen some usage and there are signs of wear and tear.

On to 69 and I licked her furiously, (She smelt and felt fresh so had no hesitation just diving in,) whilst she blew me to completion.  She took the whole load, squeezing it out.  Once I stopped cumming, she got up and went down to spit it out and mouth wash.

Back up, she gave quite a good sensual massage, lots of play, credit card swipes and reach under.  Her English is limited which actually meant I could lie there in peace and just enjoy the experience.

Round 2 was similar to round 1, except I also got her to lie back and spend a bit of time just licking her out.  She asked me to stop at one stage so she could take a small breather.  Eventually she made quite a bit of noise (squeeling, slight scream) and alot of body movement.  Which could have either meant she'd had enough of my RO or I had made her cum.  I assumed it was the latter.

We swapped roles, more of her playing, sucking etc with me.  I then stood up (which was interesting due to the low roof in the area) she sucked me off whilst jerking me until I came again.  She let some of dribble out.

A bit of clean up.  We then went down and got dressed.  This is where I have a couple of negatives.  Whilst I was getting dressed, she proceeded to make herself a cup of coffee.  The other was after I left her place, I noticed that the session had lasted 15 minutes less than 2 hours.

Her BJ is one of the best I have had
Watching her arse whilst she climbed the stairs
For the price, quite a good service and VFM

Would I go again?
As a plan B yes, I'd rather see other options first.

14 review(s) found for Zoie by massage linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline KentAde

Why would her making a cup of coffee upset you?  :unknown:

Why would her making a cup of coffee upset you?  :unknown:

I laughed when I read that part, would like to know the answer too!

Online The_Don

Why would her making a cup of coffee upset you?  :unknown:

Personally I don't like coffee (or tea).

But would the OP like to add why?

Got to say, the service sounds good, I'd really fancy a two shot owo/cim deal with a fully oiled up mutual massage in between on lazy days, if the bird was stunning it would help a lot, any ideas chaps?

Offline jingleballicks

Banning reason: Troll

I laughed when I read that part, would like to know the answer too!

By the sounds of it he wasn't offered a cuppa as well and there were still 15 mins left


Not had the experience but it's on my list . . .

Interesting J, thanks, looking at the photos she's all woman and there is half a chance she is a porker, I've asked for availability.

Why would her making a cup of coffee upset you?  :unknown:

I enjoy a good cup of coffee.  However I think out of general courtesy I would have expected her to have waited until I left to get on with her regular stuff.

It's a big annoyance, a bit like having lunch with a friend and the person you are with constantly using their mobile.

Had a similar issue with a regular WG I used to see, after a 3 hour session, whilst I was getting dressed she was on her iPad.  Got a half hearted bye as I left as she was still using th device.  She did not even bother with a goodbye peck or show me to the door.

Amazing how all different we are, coffee would not have bothered me but the Ipad incident would definitely be the last time the WG in question would see me

Does Zoie offer shower?

I did not ask for one at the end  However the shower is available to use as she did ask if I wanted to use it when I arrived.  I declined as I had showered before I met her.

It's clean newish bathroom so would not have an issue with using it.

Offline amar

thx VerbalTick!

I did visit her yesterday and she aims to please, she is good fora plan B for sure...


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