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Author Topic: lovely dyana - Canary Wharf  (Read 6188 times)

8 review(s) for lovely dyana (3 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3354600 or https://www.adultwork.com/lovely+dyana

A fairly recent arrival from Hungary, OK english.

Comms: Very good, no issues - arrived 20 mins early and was accommodated without issue. She is located at the britannia international hotel (canary wharf), so I was a little concerned, there is a service desk and security/doormen, but they didn't really bother me, I walked in and asked to use the WC and right across is a service elevator which is what I used rather then the main elevators in the Lobby. all a bit cloak and dagger but i like to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Girl: Looks like the picture.

Services: Some issues here, over the phone we agreed owo and anal, however once i arrived anal was not an option (maybe next time :( )
and although CIM was part of her enjoys, it was not available either. However, apart from this poor start the service overall was good, very enthusiastic.

She absolutely worth a first try, but I don't think i will be repeating with her - bit bland.

8 review(s) found for lovely dyana linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline saintsfan

Thanks for review - nationality given on profile as Romanian - no credible feedback after nearly 5 months! - did she do DeepThroat as per profile and DFK?

Saintsfan, You may be right about the nationality actually... she does deepthroat, not sure about DFK as I personally don't do that. She said she had been in London for a weeks so far. happy hunting.

....no credible feedback after nearly 5 months!......
Most surely a dormant profile belonging to a number of previously fleeting WG's
Banning reason: Claiming to have posted malicious negative review

Offline NickFury

Facially quite attractive... Digitaljedi, how would you rate her tits? Nice handful and firm?

She has  being filmed in like list, will double check and if indeed on offer, may check her out soon
Banning reason: Ignoring admin warning

Offline Excalibur

Each to their own when it comes to giving a prossie a grade. However, for me it feels like a neutral - no A or CIM, will make snowball and swallow difficult. The Adverising Standards Authority would have a field day on her profile.  NickFury, no doubt Filming will be offer but not delivered. Hope you prove me wrong.

Hi there,

I saw her yesterday during lunch time. She is Romanian, came to London only recently. She is good to talk to, however I found her services average. No kissing, no OWO and no Anal. She is also a clock watcher. Good looking girl though with prefect body. Very average IMO

Offline Nagilum

Yeah... Reading the review and comments. Blacklisted.

Thanks OP  :hi:

Offline Red_baron

Pity about the service level as she looks incredible.

Offline emkay

She also works in an hotel in Old Street where I've seen her twice. The first time I got a bit fluffy about her,  she is very good looking and a good talker but ultimately too vanilla.

Offline Persie

sounds a shit punt - especially advertising services she does not provide
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If she lied about services this is a negative not a positive

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